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I love cake!

But not quite as much as my son did yesterday….. And another cute pic from yesterday, in case I haven’t convinced you yet that he is the cutest thing on Earth: What a face! That’s all for today! 🙂 Advertisements

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Parker, part three.

Where did I leave off yesterday? Hmmm… Oh yes, the NICU. I had no idea what to expect when they wheeled me up to that door. The nurse paged the desk, and the double doors groaned open. The noise was… … Continue reading

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I make cute babies!

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Here we go!

Wish us luck! We’re leaving for Iowa in T minus one hour. 🙂 Flying with a four month old shall be interesting, I think. As I type, I’m waiting for the polish on my nails to dry, and trying to … Continue reading

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Killing time…

Well, I haven’t had much to blog about lately. It’s been the same day-to-day around here. Parker & Savannah crying, dishes to be washed, clothes to be folded. I guess I did start packing for Iowa yesterday. I wondered to … Continue reading

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Just another day.

Well, today started off with a bang. I woke up to a gagging, coughing, sputtering baby boy, with milk coming through his nose. That’s awesome. If only the powers that be would see fit to allow milk to come out … Continue reading

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Ten Days!

We have only ten days until we will be in Iowa! I’m starting to make a list of things we want/need to make sure we have with us. So far? About 20 outfits for that reflux-y boy we have. And … Continue reading

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