Yep, it’s that time again. 5 more. Yay!

20) The bit of crafty-ness I have in me. It calms me down & cheers me up when I see a project I’ve been envisioning come to light.

21) Chocolate, wine, sleeping in. ‘Nuf said.

22) Artificial (read: fake) Christmas trees. No needles, no mold spores, no allergies, no mess. And I can set it up a week before Thanksgiving!

23) My sister. November 23 is her birthday. She’s my best friend & worst enemy, all rolled into one. She can get under my skin like nobodies business, but I have her back, and she has mine. Love her!

24) (Because it’s technically the 24th in Central time) That my mom knows how to use Facebook. Now she can stop bugging me for pictures of her grandkids. Ha. Just kidding.



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