Six More Things I’m Thankful For

14) I am amazingly thankful for E-MEALZ Easy Meals for Busy and Frugal Families. Because I used to spend every Thursday pouring over grocery ads & coupons in the paper and online. I used to spend an hour planning out a menu that would utilize the foods that were on sale. Because I used to toss the menu out the window & take everyone out to eat because it was stuff we didn’t want to eat anyway. NO MORE. Thanks to the E-MEALZ Easy Meals for Busy and Frugal Families website, we ate dinner at home every day this week. We didn’t go out to lunch once, because we had leftovers. And, we didn’t throw money away by not using food we purchased. Best of all– NO COUPON CUTTING! And you can pick from a variety of stores/menu plans/health options. I’m sold! Check it out.


15) My legs. I realized last night how awesome it is that I have a mode of transportation built into me. Simple, yeah. But impressive design on God‘s part. You don’t even have to think. You just make up your mind to go somewhere, and they do all the work. I used to hate my muscular legs, and wish I had the slight, thin build of some of the other girls I knew. Now, I’m glad I can keep up at work & run a mile. Yep.


16) Modern heat sources. I’ve lived with a woodstove/fireplace as my main heat source. I’m eternally grateful that I have the ability to walk over, push a button, and have my house heat to 74ºf in 10 minutes. I don’t tolerate cold well, and this time of year in Iowa is frigid. (Yeah, I know it gets worse. Shush.) You can find me camping out over a furnace vent, knitting.


17) Skype. I love being able to talk to people I love that are hundreds of miles away, for free, whenever I want. It’s genius. It’s awesome. It’s wonderful!


18 )New socks. ‘nuf said.


19) My smart, motivated daughters. Like any other kids, they procrastinate with cleaning their rooms or doing chores. But ever since I started working, they have really stepped it up in the mornings. My oldest helps take care of my toddler while I sleep in. They both jump on the ball & start working on their homeschool tasks without being asked, and usually finish it with minimal interruptions. I am so thankful to see them really enjoying learning again, and not just doing it because ‘they hafta’. They usually go beyond what I’ve instructed them to do, just for the love of learning. It’s incredible.

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