Three more Thankful Thoughts

Yeah, I’m a slacker-blogger. Three days late on that “tomorrow’ post.  What can I say? Kids, work, homeschooling, & the hubs are a higher priority lately. Ok, enough drab blather. The three things:

11) The level of patience that was bestowed to my husband. I wish I could bottle it up, then drink it. Thank God he balances me out so well, because I happen to be extremely, ridiculously, insanely a little impatient.

12) My families long line of military. I’m proud to come from a solider dad, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, and more. I am SO thankful for everyone of our brave soldiers, doing what the rest of don’t have the  courage to do. THANK YOU.

13) Our landlords. Yes, we’re renting, but we can do pretty much anything with the house & yard. Except for a tear down/remodel, obviously. My bedroom is turquoise, and I love it.

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