30 Days of Thankful

It’s November, the month of Thanksgiving. It’s a good opportunity to recognize all the things I appreciate, but never really mention. And it’s a GREAT opportunity to not complain for 30 days, but rather to boast about what I DO have.  I’m a little behind, apparently. 10 days behind, 10 posts behind, 10 “thank yous” behind. So here goes.

1) To be alive! This should be first on everyones list, right?

2) I’m thankful for God, Jesus, heaven, and earth. (Hell, notsomuch.)

3) My kids. Each & every one of them.There is no such thing as a ‘mistake’ when it comes to kids.

4) My husband, the person I love most & deserve the least.

5) For my job, for my husbands jobs. There are many still searching.

6) Our house, our cars, our furniture, and other meaningless possessions.

7) Starbucks. ‘Nuf said.

8) Being able & willing to homeschool. You don’t have to agree, but it works for us.

9) Modern conveniences. I need a shower, my Android, and internet daily. NEED, I say.

10) The allergist who nailed down Parker’s food sensitivities.

Another to come, tomorrow. Meanwhile, be thankful!

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3 Responses to 30 Days of Thankful

  1. Cheryce says:

    I love that it turned the #8 into a “cool” smiley. I think I’ll leave that. 😀

  2. Becky Smith says:

    What a great idea…I’m going to steal it for my blog, too. 🙂

  3. no kidding!!! I would like to be a blog copycat as well!!! you listed so many meaningful things, along with your impressive twist of humor all at the same time. I can’t wait to read the rest of them!!!!!

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