Has it really been six months?

I think it’s safe to say that I am no longer an Oregonian, although actually putting it in writing make me grimace a teensy-tiny bit. What is it about Oregon, the Northwest, that grows on you? It just stays within you, as much as mildew stays in clothes, or sand in your car after a trip to the beach.

Confession moment: I still have my Oregon license. It has our Portland address on it. Although my name is now legally different, and I need to change it, I can’t give up that license. Why cant the lovely woman at the DMV punch it and give it back? Why must I physically hand her the last bit of Oregon in me, for her to toss it into the round file system? Why, indeed.

Um, our car plates are still 100% Oregonian, also. We have postcards hanging in our “Northwest Themed Laundry Room”, along with framed pictures of Cannon Beach, and a watercolor purchased from Pike Place Market in Seattle.

It’s not all bad, this Iowa thing. The people are wonderful, our town is safe, and we have family just a phone call away. It smells like home, it sounds like home, it looks like home…. It is home. I feel defensive when people laugh at Iowa.

I wish it was possible to live in two places at once. I guess the 70 & up crowd does. So do long-haul truckers, for that matter. Or our soldiers, but I guess they probably don’t consider Iraq or Kuwait home.

Maybe that’s the key– we need to buy a Winnebago (coincidentally, that company is an Iowa company) and hit the highways. Oregon in the spring/summer, Iowa in the fall/winter. It would be the best of both worlds!

In a related matter, anyone have an RV for sale?


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4 Responses to Has it really been six months?

  1. saphyrtears says:

    As always you and the entire family are welcome to come spend summers on the most beautiful and expensive island in the Northwest. We have the ocean, lakes, mountains and valleys oh and trees lots of trees, everything that is the NW. Tell the girl at the DMV your wallet was stolen, let one of the girls hide it so you r not lying.

    • Cheryce says:

      I dream of oceans,lakes, mountains, and valleys… And green. Funny, when I lived there the greenness of it all seemed so monochromatic & dull. Now, I miss it desperately! If I could combine Iowa’s people & values with the NW’s landscape, well, I’d recreate Eden. 😉

      I’m going to take you up on that offer some day.

  2. melyssa says:

    I grew up in Oregon! Lived in Idaho until recently and moved to Michigan. It’s a bit of a culture shock, huh?? We’re having fun though, and hope you are too – it’s an adventure finding your groove in a whole new place. 🙂
    Came by thru THL to say hello,
    Melyssa from http://www.thedazeofus.blogspot.com

    • Cheryce says:

      Thanks for the comment! It is a major shift in culture here. I don’t know about Michigan, but it is a lot slower paced here in Iowa than it was in Portland. It’s relaly refreshing… Although I do miss Starbucks, Safeway, and Tillamook cheese. 😀

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