What a crazy few weeks!

It has been chaotic in our household since the 26th of August. That was the day my mother, grandmother, and the two girls arrived from the great Northwest. Their first words after stepping out of the Omaha airport? “Oh my GOSH, it is HOT here!” Heh heh heh…

They spent ten days here in Iowa, in our house. Surprisingly, we all made it through without losing our sanity. It all went by at lightning speed, too. We drove them around town, which took all of 15 minutes. We went to Pella, and watched the glockenspiel. We ate Dutch letters, turn-overs, and cookies at Jaarsma, then walked along the canal, and took silly tourist pictures with the kids, in GIANT Dutch clogs.

The day before the wedding, we spent pretty much all day at the Lodge. We decorated, ate, and decorated, and then went to my in-laws and ate some more. Good times, good times.

Our wedding flew by, without a hitch. Pictures, ceremony, pictures, food, pictures, cake, dancing, bowling, pictures. We had a blast, and it didn’t last nearly long enough. I am eternally thankful that all of our children were there for that day.

We had a combined birthday party for the three youngest girls, because #4 was gone for hers, and #’s 2 & 3 have August birthdays.

I also took them to the Prairie Learning Center, and we tried to see some buffalo to no avail.

On the 5th, we drove them back to Omaha, and tearfully said goodbye to the kids. And that was that… back to normal life.

August 9th, we began our year of homeschooling. This first week went by fairly well, although we did slack off a few days. Next week, we will stick to our schedule (created with help from Managers of their Homes). I must say, we aren’t behind on anything, and that surprised me. Most days, it took us all day to do our work, rather than the 4 hours my schedule says we would need. Could be because of that adorable tyrant-toddler who insists on climbing into his sisters desks…

Today is my 27th birthday, and I feel like I should be turning 37. We are heading out to the Iowa State Fair today, and I’ve donned my walking shoes. This is serious business. No flip-flops to wear me down, nor will I be carrying a clunky purse. Today is a day for food on a stick, giant hogs, and tons of butter.

Happy Saturday!

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2 Responses to What a crazy few weeks!

  1. Jacque says:

    Happy Birthday!

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