Planes, trains, and automobiles! And custody, like usual.

Ok, skip the trains. Just planes & automobiles. We just booked the flights for my mom, grandma, and the girls to come over for the wedding! So freaking excited & disappointed all at once. Of course I’m excited because they will be here. Things just didn’t work out for this summer as they should have.

First of all, when we moved, my ex & his wicked-witch of the West wife said 6 weeks in the summer. Then they decided 4 weeks the first summer. And of course, he convinced our 5 year old that she would be “scared to be away from home that long”. So we agreed on 2 weeks. That being decided, he refuses to provide any escorting on the plane trips. So that would leave US on the hook for booking her flights, plus two round trips for me to escort her…. I’d fly to Portland, pick her up, fly back to Iowa, then turn around and fly back to Portland with her, and finally home to Iowa. Right. That means he pays for half of her ticket ($150) and I pay for the other half, plus around $700 for mine. Seems TOTALLY fair, right? Sigh.

That’s not even the best of it. Savannah is supposed to be here for 6 weeks, but I would have had to buy her one-way to fly with my mom, then a roundtrip and one way again to bring her home because –surprise! — her dad wont provide any escorting, either! So I’d have to shell out for 5 round trip tickets this summer, and get reimbursed for half of two of them. WTF.

What does this all mean, you say? It means that I am getting royally screwed. Instead of 6 weeks with both the girls, I will get 10 days. I guess it’s better than nothing, but still. It’s ridiculous. It’s immature on their dads parts. And it’s totally unfair to the girls that they will get almost no time with their siblings or us this summer. COnsidering that until 4 months ago, Savannah spent 1/2 of her time with me, and Alyssa was with us every weekend, 1/2 of school breaks, and summer…. Seems a little over the top control freak on their dads parts. I mean, hello! We moved to IOWA. Not China. Not Pakistan. Iowa. We still have the same cars, the same couch, the same dust bunnies under our beds. They act like we moved to the furthest reaches of the Earth.

(Guess that’s what happens when they have both lived in the same towns their entire lives. The outside world is too big & scary for them to let their children into. That’s right– we should shelter them because their fathers never want to travel or leave the confines of their county. Seriously.)


But what should I have done? Did we do this the right way? I would have taken them back to court if I had time before the wedding. I will be filing papers to make sure that this doesn’t happen again from here on out. It seems perfectly fair & equal that I should go out west toget them, and the dad should come to Iowa to pick them back up. We each pay our own round trip and a one way for the child. Am I right?

That being said, a GIANT BALL OF STRESS has dissipated around me today! I can’t WAIT to see my girls. Alyssa hasn’t even been here yet. We are all so excited! What a crazy week that will be…

They get here the Monday before the wedding.

Tuesday will be for rest and relaxation.

Wednesday will be for goofing off around town.

Thursday is the big Omaha Zoo trip.

Friday is wedding setup/rehersal day.

We’re going to the chapel Saturday!!

Sunday… IDK.

And then we still have a few days to visit & bond before they go home on the 5th.

Of course, this means our house of typically 5 people will be increasing to 4 adults, 5 kids, and my bestest friend is supposed to fly in Friday-Sunday and she will be here as well!

We’re insane.

I cant wait!! Gotta go plan some meals & sleeping arrangements now that I can rest assured the girls will be here!

By the way, all this insanity is costing about $1200, plus two drives to Omaha… 6 hours roundtrip. Awesome, right?!

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