Should I?

Thinking about starting up a blog specifically dedicated to our homeschooling adventures.

What do my readers think? All three of you, I mean. 😉

Separate it or just keep posting this crazy-mish-mash of wedding/life/homeschool/custody craziness?

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5 Responses to Should I?

  1. BeJes says:

    I like mixed randomness

  2. Cheryce says:

    One for randomness!

  3. simplyaltered says:

    I am with Jessi. Keep up the randomness. I can not even keep ONE of my blogs straight, so I endorse keeping things as simple as possible. .

  4. Susan Evans says:

    I think two blogs would be too hard to keep up with. Your life is your life, so it all kind of goes together.

  5. Cheryce says:

    That makes three for random. 🙂

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