How do YOU stay on task?

Is this a problem for stay at home parents in general, or just me? Even with my fancy-schmancy household notebook, and my day planned by the minute, I can’t seem to stay on task. Something ALWAYS comes up. And I realize that such is life with kids, homeschooling, wedding planning, and all the chores that go along with them. I need to learn to prioritize. In the back of my mind, I’m always trying to multitask and do as much as possible  at a time. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.  Maybe I need to just focus on specific goals. Actually, I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind that I probably have ADD or ADHD or something along the lines of that. Maybe I just need drugs… 😉

So, I’m begging of my parent friends (and readers) to let me in on your nose-to-the-grind secrets. Is there a technique you use to keep your house spic & span? How do you avoid wildly tossing stuff into baskets, bags, and boxes in the last 30 minutes before company comes? I would like to have a tidy, yummy smelling home for company to sit in when they stop by on a whim. Now, don’t get me wrong; we don’t have rotten food or trash everywhere, or diapers laying around. But the clutter (paper, shoes, toys, blankets, miscellaneous projects, coffee mugs) seems to sneak its way back into our home no matter what I do to squash it. And I have 9 plug-in air freshener things, and our house has yet to smell like Hawaiian Breeze or After The Rain. Instead, it smells like… nothing. There is no noticeable smell and that makes me sad. Its like our house has been fragrance-proofed. It can’t hold a scent like my hair cant stay straight.


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2 Responses to How do YOU stay on task?

  1. Roze says:

    When you decide to work set an alarm to go off every hour, that way if you get distracted the annoying beeping will pull you back to what you were doing. As for smelling yummy, it does you are just so use to it you cannot smell it. Everything has a sent, we just get so accustome to it we don’t smell it anymore, just ask anyone who has lived in Tacoma. Your house always smelled like cookies to me 🙂

  2. Cheryce says:

    You’re a doll. Now I remember why we were attached at the hip for decades. 😉 That makes me want to go bake some cookies now, but it’s almost 90 with 70000% humidity. Or something like that.

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