Short post: Green (cost cutting!) things….

I just went through our house & unplugged pretty much everything. The computer, TV/DVR box, and major appliances were the only things to escape the powerless fate. I also just reset our thermostat to be about the same temperature all day & night long. It varies, but it’s between 67-69 degrees. Of course, this is coming from the person who likes to keep it cranked at around 76, so we’ll see how that goes. We have to do something– our utility bills are the only thing that costs more in Iowa than Oregon. Why is that? Do I need to contact the state and tell them to put a wind turbine in the back, next to my tomatoes? I’m going to work on getting the curtains made for our bedroom windows too, to further alleviate the need of our expensive AC running 24 hours a day.

Ok, back to housework.

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2 Responses to Short post: Green (cost cutting!) things….

  1. Your brother, the Bunghole says:

    you should use a power strip with a switch… I always flip the switch when I am done using my computer, and the stereo and every other thing I have, other than my alarm clock 🙂

    I can’t say the same thing about mom & dad…

    But at least I try.

    lol – looking at the “Tag, you’re it!” thing, and Puke is a major thing on that list.

    • Cheryce says:

      Puke is a major part of my life! Kids, cats, puppy… Haha.

      I’m going to pick up some more of the power strips. Really, the only things we NEED plugged in while we’re not using them are the cordless phones & the DVR boxes. I read that something like, 60% of the energy you pay for is by electronics/appliances pulling power from the wall when you’re not using them.

      Frugal is green. Love it!

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