Distracted Domestic Diva.

Yep, that’s me.

I have a theory– laugh if you must– but I’m pretty sure I’m always scattered and never quite finish a project because I’m a perfectionist… As backwards as that might sound, it’s true! I mean, think about it. Someone who is NOT a perfectionist can pick up a random school permission slip off the floor, and toss it in the trash. A person who IS a perfectionist gets so stressed out at the options available for that permission slip that they can’t do anything. God forbid we put it in the “wrong” spot!

Here is what would run through MY head:

Should I put it in the garbage? But what if the kids need it? Well, I should put it in a safe place. The computer desk. Oh, the computer desk is stacked with stuff. Ok, I’ll set it on the table. Wow, this table is messy. I have to clear it off before dinner.”Two weeks later: “Permission slip? What permission slip?!

Literally. Or take the scattered supermom syndrome:

This is when you set out to clean the kitchen.

You start by clearing the counters of clutter that doesn’t belong there, and bringing it to its proper spot.

Only thing is, you grab an item to take to the bathroom…

While in the bathroom, you find the missing toy, so you bring it to the kids bedroom…

Which has a basket full of dirty laundry you bring to the laundry room…

Where you find a random glass and you remember that you never even started the kitchen.

Please tell me I am NOT alone in my ADHD distracted scattered dismayed never get anything doneness.

It drives me crazy to have a messy house. And I’m not talking inner angst here. I will yell at everyone in my path when it really starts getting bad. My biggest pet peeve on earth is a dirty floor. Baby P has really been into Cheerios lately, and coincidentally has just discovered that they will fly across a room with a well-planned fist-smack to the high chair tray. So I step on half smashed Cheerios allllldaaayyyloooong. And they magically reproduce!

During my super-freakin-annoyed phase Monday, I decided that I MUST get organized. I do dishes three times a day, and don’t get to vacuuming for two weeks. The same clothes get washed four times before they get put in dresser drawers. I am late and miss appointments weekly. I can’t stand it!!

I researched (ie, Googled) ways to organize your home making world. Ohmigah. It was like the waters parted! The birds started chirping! The sun was blazing!

The Household Notebook.

Have you heard of this amazing creation? I mean, really. It shouldn’t seem so magnificent. It makes complete and total sense. One place for schedules, shopping lists, finance stuff, school stuff, cleaning reminders, yadda yadda.

(Ok,let me stop here and add: I know that there are 48 trillion versions of software and apps that I could use. But here lies the problem with THOSE: The minute I get on the computer to check that, I will be also checking my email. Facebook. Blogging. Itunes. Updating my iPod. Banking. Youtube. Whatever. The computer sucks away half of my day.  In all honesty, I should unplug it during the day because it is like a freaking magnet every time I walk past it. Granted, it is a huge giant wonderful iMac with a zillion fun things on it. But still… That is why I am choosing to organize MY life with paper and pen. It takes less time!)

I just put it together yesterday, and I ♡ it! I bought cute stuff, because then I’ll want to use it. After printing off some helpful free sheets, I was good to go.

  • Three ring, 1.5″ binder
  • pack of clear page protectors
  • two packs of dividers (with pockets)
  • some wet erase markers (for projectors, white boards, etc)

Some of the sections I added were:


This is the place all my daily, weekly, and monthly planners go. With a baby, I don’t think an hourly one will help because, let’s face it, sometimes nap time needs to come early. But the daily planners I found are generally all the same. A spot for to do/to call/to go/to buy. One I found also had places for blog/work to-do’s, a check off for glasses of water, food log, and workout. Totally helpful for me!


This one is for the cleaning schedules, and project lists. It’s hard for me to remember the last time I pulled out the fridge to clean, but now I can just write it down. Easy peasy. I also included a seasonal chore list- one for each season. And a weekly/daily/monthly cleaning checklist.


This one is still under construction. I have a bill reminder sheet, and a monthly spending sheet waiting to be used… I need to find a system!


In here is a menu planner (for a week), pantry inventory, freezer inventory, a price comparison sheet (to compare prices between stores), and a spreadsheet for shopping that has spots for regular price, sale price, coupons, etc. And a pocket to keep all the coupons I save but lose before I use. 🙂


I included a sheet for each of our personal goals, and one for our family goals. I can’t wait to fill these out!


A sheet for name/address/email/url/cell/twitter/pager/whatever for everyone we know. A birthday & anniversary calender. And another form to write all the kids online account info on (name, password, etc.) because we always forget. There is also an emergency info sheet in the very front of my binder.

I still have three empty dividers, but I’m sure I’ll think of ways to fill them. Any ideas? I think I’m going to need a separate one for recipes, as I plan on making most of our food from scratch from here on out. And I need to make a more defined list of my weekly schedule so I don’t forget anything.  The markers, by the way, are for writing on the sheet protectors. They don’t wipe away as easily as dry erase. And this way I’m not constantly replacing & wasting paper. I also bought a small calculator to put in there, along with sticky flags & a paper punch.

Theoretically, I’m going to take some time each week to plan the menu, clip coupons & look for sales, and plan out my week. Then all I will have to do when I catch myself logging into FB for the 27th time on a boring Tuesday afternoon is look at my schedule, and I might actually be able to complete a task! Amazzzzing. And no more forgetting appointments.

Some links to websites I printed planners from:







http://www.simplemom.net  (this is the one with the awesome water tracker, inspiration, blog, etc planner!)




Oh, one last link. This is the line of stuff I bought for my binder. Love it! It’s so cute. 🙂


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2 Responses to Distracted Domestic Diva.

  1. Rosi says:

    OMG, reading this daily distraction is like a reenactment of MY days! Literally, go to one room to put something away and see something else that needs to be done…. then the cycle continues. About 2 year ago I put together a similar binder and it really helped me for a few months. Unfortunately though, my husband then got laid off work and was home everyday. That was the end of my new found organization! He is soooo distracting. Constantly, “Wacha doin?” Wanna help me?” “Hey lets watch a movie?”….. His work schedule has not been a 9-5 since then.

    I seriously need to get back on track, I make myself crazy by stressing about my inability to stay on task. I get myself in a frenzy over it and that just makes it worse. Ggrrrrr!

  2. Cheryce says:

    Oh MAN! Don’t I know it! My productivity went to zilch when Ryan was laid off. And the scale went up a few notches, too!

    I feel super guilty pretty much every time I stop cleaning for 10 minutes because I feel like a failure as a mother/wifey if our house isn’t utterly spotless.

    I’ve been slacking on the binder too, mostly because I can’t find time to fill it out! Hahaha. After this wedding though, it will become my Bible again. 🙂

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