I’m going insane.


That old adage, “you are what you eat”? Well, I’m trying to not be chemicals and fat. And corn. I swear, I was at the grocery store, and I saw what some people had in their carts… I totally pictured a giant ear of corn, with a face and legs and arms. Something like this:

…but less corny. (haha. Get it?)

Anyway, I feel like I’m obsessing over FOOD all the time. I feel guilty for drinking soda. I feel like a hypocrite for eating take-out. Gah! This whole FFF thing was supposed to be making me feel BETTER, not WORSE. I’ve read blogs about a woman who tried to go a whole month without eating or buying anything from one major agricultural conglomerate.  I’ve signed multiple petitions urging various political figures to open their eyes to the commercialized food industry. I’m TRYING to do my part.

This whole thing started with that curtain being lifted (you know, the one between the grocery aisles and the “backroom” where the “food” is created). Well, I wish I could drop that curtain back down, and forget it all sometimes.

Is it so wrong to wish that I could go back to that time where I didn’t feel guilty about buying pounds of meat that came from severely mistreated & abused animals? Or didn’t realize that I was feeding my kids a years supply of antibiotics in 5 months with it?

Better yet, I’d like to go back to that place where I could pick up a box or can of food and not recognize any of the ingredients, and think “the government regulates this stuff… It’s not THAT bad.” Where I could cook mac & cheese and not worry about all the additives, derivatives, by-products, and chemicals that were floating in the neon orange “cheese”. When grocery shopping was this routine task I had to do, not an expedition into no-man’s land where the bottom-line is all that prevails.

Because now that I’ve learned some of the tricks of the trade, I am MAD. Mad at the corporations who stopped caring about the consumer. Mad at the FDA for allowing them to get away with it. Mad at grocery stores for carrying the products. Mad at commercial farmers for giving in to this game (although they have a pass; how can they compete??!). And I’m mad at my friends and family who think it’s no big deal.  I’m just MAD that this continues to happen, with no sign of it ending.

And by it, I mean the hazing of Americans. The measures that these same companies go through to ensure that we NEVER see what is REALLY being fed to us. AND– the biggest issue I take with ALL of this– there is NOBODY regulating them! No consumer groups. No government agency. (Supposedly the FDA, but come on. When the head-honchos are all prior CEO’s & CFO’s of Monsanto and other major agri-political players… well, you get the picture) NOBODY. They govern themselves, and their Constitution is money. Plain and simple. We are a number to them. We are blind consumers that line their billion-dollar Leer jets with our hard earned money, while all we get in return is outbreaks of E-Coli, cancer, diabetes, and other life-destroying conditions.

It is NOT propaganda. It is DISGUSTING.

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One Response to I’m going insane.

  1. Jacque says:

    It is heartbreaking. Did you hear the reports about “Energy Star” labels being awarded to completely false and ridiculous inventions? Same with food, only MUCH more important since we EAT it. Can’t trust government regulation.
    It really is hard though. We were out getting things done today and when lunch was (over) due I had to finally stop in and get something for me and B. I’m just pissed that everything is crap… is it really that hard to steam some veggies to go with a meal? We went to Burgerville, which I think at least tries to do better than McD’s or other national chains. Still, can’t help but think that “fast food” is a great idea, why not do it RIGHT? Potatoes are not a vegetable.
    Ok, I can rant and rave and rave and rant. Thanks for paying attention to what you eat and joining in on this! The more people speak up and say that sh*t food is not good enough, the better chance that things will improve all around.

    OH, and I have also looked over at what other people buy at the grocery. Makes me feel like a total snob. Sorry, I just don’t eat Hostess anything and I won’t feed it to my kids either. I think, thanks for making sure our taxes can only go up with your health choices, neighbor. Wonder how they’d respond if I said that… haha!

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