FFF, part 3.

Sorry if you’re subscribed by email! I know it’s the third one today. I’m really excited to plan this all and make it work!

I’ve decided I will make adjustments gradually, instead of all at once. I mean, everyone in this house would probably revolt and sneak off to McDonald’s if I tried that. Not too smart, and not the goal I have in mind. I want to make long term, healthy, conscious decisions about what we put into our bodies. And as true-blooded Americans, we DO NOT. We eat whatever claims to be healthy and nutritious. We ignore portion size. We consume thousands of calories of soda a day (I’m totally guilty for that one). And we completely ignore our God given human instincts on what we should eat.

So I’m going to make a goal each week to implement one of the tips in the article I posted before. (Find it HERE) Starting next week (because I already have a freezer full of meat for the next 7 days!), I’ll post on Sunday’s about our progress as a family with this project. (FYI: You can look at all posts related by clicking on the ‘FFF’ tag)

Keep checking for more details!

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