Fake food freedom?

I do my best thinking in the shower.

Is that odd? It was a normal shower, just getting ready to suds up. I poured my “sensitive skin” body wash on the pouf, and my skin started burning like the fire of a thousand red ants.

Hmm. Stupid eczema flare up I’ve been fighting for, oh, over two years now. Seriously. It’s on my hands. It’s a specific type, called Nummular Dermatitis (look it up, I dare you!). No matter what I have done, used, avoided, or cried over, it just won’t go away. Actually, I take that back. It went away for about 2 days by a complete fluke of events. I can’t figure out what I did, but it slowly vanished, and then came back full force. Sigh.

So anyway, my skin was seemingly committing suicide while I showered. And it got me to thinking. If the OTC medications haven’t worked… If the prescription creams haven’t done anything… If avoiding doing dishes, using perfumed soaps or lotions hasn’t helped… If changing all bath product, laundry soap, dish soap, and cleaners can’t make it go away…

Maybe it’s what I’m eating.

So that got me to thinking some more about ways to cut the crap from my intake. Artificial ingredients. Sugar. Excess salt. Preservatives, hormones, and other nasty stuff we don’t think about. In reality, we all eat chemicals for most of our meals. Of COURSE my body is revolting. Of COURSE cancer, obesity, diabetes, and other deadly conditions are on the rise in our country. We eat scientifically generated substitutes that do nothing more than cause the annoying hunger pains in our brain to cease. Why shouldn’t it trigger skin and other allergies? I mean, we are what we eat. For crying out loud, even Parker’s baby food has preservatives & artificial ingredients! His main supply of nutrition is nothing but a scientific concoction of  modified food starches and artificial vitamins.

I’m going on a mission. It’s going to require a lot of prep work and research.But I think it will be interesting to see what comes of it.

I’m declaring our household free from fake food for a week, and soon. That means most of the junk we buy at the stores will be out.

Bread. Eggs. Candy. Chipssodamilkfrozenfood….

My guess is we will feel better. I bet it’s going to be down right impossible to stick to it. I mean, everything about our diet as a society screams cheap & easy. Cheap and easy also means BAD.FOR.YOU.

Wish us luck…. And send suggestions my way!

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