Next time– MOVERS.

We are here!! Finally– I swear, the LONGEST week of my life thus far. We left Tuesday afternoon. Of course, we were planning on Wednesday morning, but at the last minute decided to be sporadic and take off. Three and a half days, and we’ll be there, we say. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. That put us in Iowa Friday… Riiiiiiight.

The run down? Never again, not with kids, cats, guinea pig, three vehicles, one trailer, and a big ol’ truck. NEVER. And ESPECIALLY not in February! If we ever decide to move more farther than across town, I refuse to do it unless we hire movers & fly. That’s all there is to THAT.

Day one: Portland, Oregon to Pendleton, Oregon. 209 miles, 3.5 hours, according to Google. WRONG. More like, 5 hours. We were near Hood River when I reached back to grab a soda I had unthinkingly set next to #4’s carseat. It was wet…. Hmm… That’s odd…. She must have tried to open it because she said ‘here mommy’ when she handed it to me…. hold it up…. still leaking…. out the SIDE?…. What tha… THERE is a HOLE in the SIDE!!!…. dripping on my IPOD! Phone! BluTooth! @#*@&$#($&#……. yank off at this exit….. Just in time to hear my daughter say, “I bite it mama, I’s thirsty.    (That’s right, my almost 3-year-old BIT a hole in the side of a soda can. Straight through. Twilight actors have nothing on her.) And I lost the BluTooth somewhere in the car in the process….

Day two: Pendleton, Oregon to Twin Falls, Idaho. 347 miles, 5.5 hours, according to Google. This was the day we were going to really crack down & try to make it to Salt Lake. It should have been easy, maybe 8 hours of driving. Of course, we overslept and didn’t get on the road until almost 10am. Start the day 3 hours behind, and  toss in stopping every 20 miles because someone is hungry, needing a restroom, diaper change, gas, coffee, soda, blahblahblahhhhh, it takes over 8 hours for those 347 miles. It hits me on this day that this is going to be an EPIC FAIL of a road trip….

Day three: Twin Falls, Idaho to Rawlins, Wyoming. 463 miles, 7 hours, 19 minutes, according to Google. First stop of the day, I decided to clean out the garbage while we were filling up. I found the BluTooth! Set on the top of the car to make sure I didn’t lose it again…. Can you see where this is going?? Yeah. Totally forgot  until I heard it go “clink-clank-clunk” while it flew off getting back on I-80. DUH. Cheyenne was our planned destination that day. Yeah, didn’t work out so well. Although we had checked multiple forecasts every day for two weeks straight, a *surprise!* weather system decided to make it’s happy little snowy way RIGHT OVER WYOMING. We got to Rawlins at dark. I was so mad we had to stop; we were making killer time that day. Of course, this is the day that #5 rode with Daddy in the truck, and screamed half the time, so maybe it was just a good day for ME. Anyway….

Day four: Rawlins, Wyoming to Kearney, Nebraska. 463 miles,  7 hours, 11 minutes, according to Google. I have NEVER been SO FREAKING happy to leave a state as I was to leave Wyoming! I hate that place! It was gray, ugly, too much sagebrush, boring, desolate, and looooong. People can make fun of Nebraska, but those rolling hills and houses were a very welcome relief to these eyes of mine. So much better than rocks, dirt, and rocks. Why would anyone LIVE in Wyoming?! Anyway. Our Mustang was starting to stall and balk at the top of Elk Mountain. That was a bit scary! Made it into Kearney, and kinda liked it, actually. I would even consider living there, from what we saw of it.

Day five: Kearney, Nebraska to Oskaloosa, Iowa. 378 miles, 6 hours, 13 minutes, according to Google. Ok, this was the longest day of the whole trip, but the best, too… We found a Starbucks somewhere in Nebraska and I LITERALLY almost started crying because I was so happy to have something so familiar in my hands. Thank you, Starbucks, for that extra hot-half caf-extra foam-no whip-white mocha. Back to our trip….Kearney to Lincoln to Omaha to NOWHERE to Des Moines to OSKY!Finally!Oh my flipping word!We MADE it!Really! Driving through Osky! Look!Jess&Tom&Don&Roxie&Linus! And our HOUSE! Stoked. For SURE.

Yeah, that was our trip in a nutshell.  3.5 days into 5 full days. Do YOU want to come next time?? The good news is, all the kids made it, all the dishes, furniture, and animals made it. And I didn’t even have a nervous breakdown!

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3 Responses to Next time– MOVERS.

  1. Megan F says:

    Wow, that sounds like quite the adventure!!! I’m glad you guys all made it safely, though!!! 🙂

  2. Jacque says:

    This is so much fun to read, haha!

    Glad you made it safe!

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