Another rambling post.

Well, here we are, smack dab in the middle of chaos. It looks like we live in a warehouse. No, really. I’ll post picture proof. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂 In our condo, the living room/dining room/entry way are essentially one room. Here, let me show you that. (I’m kinda bored- kids are sleeping- Ryan’s at his last jazz band practice- I wanted to play with photoshop)

I made a squiggly little drawing illustrating our condo right now– I’m not over exaggerating anything except for the size of the kitchen.  The squiggly black lines are either furniture or walls- you can pick.  The brown shaded areas? BOXES. Stacked almost to the ceiling. Everywhere! Invading what little space we have in here as it is. Sigh.

I HAVE TO MOVE!!! It’s getting hard to cook, clean, or do anything remotely productive here. My sewing table/craft area is buried in cardboard. It’s kinda ridiculous, really, when you consider that at least 50% are boxes containing books, music, or movies. We haven’t even started on the bedrooms yet. The kitchen is about 1/2 done.

Counting down until the 18th… That’s the day we’ll hit the road, jack, and try to make it 1,8942 miles with an adult/child in the moving truck towing the  family car; and three kids + one crazy adult in a 2009 Mustang… Valium now, please!!

See you soon, Osky peeps!

(Did I really just say ‘PEEPS’ in a blog?? Easter must be on my mind!)

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2 Responses to Another rambling post.

  1. simplyaltered says:

    I would have to be locked in a padded room!!! honestly!!! I am not sure how you are doing it. And not even started on bedrooms??? OMG, that would be the worst part!!! yikes. But get your patience on, as this is also a big transition for the kids. Bless their hearts, but there is gonna be some trying times ahead….but you WILL manage, especially with your sense of humor. Keep it up, someday this will all just be a memory, and you will be asking “How on EARTH did we ever get through that??!?!?!?!! “

  2. pdxby7 says:

    Heeheee… I was just giggling at my photo shop drawing again– It’s a masterpiece! Took me about 45 seconds to draw up. 😀

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