Uh, epic fail on the travel pillow thus far.

So attempt #1 was not very pretty. I whipped out a rough pattern, looked big enough for the girls neck’s to be snugly in. Cut the fabric, sewed like Chuck Norris would sew (if Chuck Norris did such things), and was stuffing it with batting in about 5 minutes.

It was looking great until it was full, and I stepped back… It kinda looked like a U-shaped snake. Pretttttyy small. Pretttttttyy thin. It *might* work for #4, but that’s a stretch. (#4, by the way, calls it her “rainbow sock”. Hahaha!)

I would take a picture, but it’s so pitiful I don’t want it tied to me until the end of blogging…..

On to attempt #2– TOMORROW! But only after Googling up some sort of real pattern. Apparently sewing a pillow that looks like a U is harder than a person would imagine…

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