So that whole “new recipe” inspiration from watching Julie & Julia has got me on a mission to toss out our tired, old, boring recipes. If I eat spaghetti one.more.time I may refuse to ever eat again. (Not saying my spaghetti is BAD, in fact, it’s good! Just saying I’m sick to death of it!) I’ve wandered past the aisle in the store many times– the one with all the bags of misc dried beans, veggies, and other mysteries of the culinary world. Well, the last shopping trip, I was determined to try something new.

We picked up two bags of the 15 bean mix. You know the kind. It has a dried version of every bean you have ever heard of, plus a few that you haven’t. Side note: We used mass quantities of those bags in Girl Scouts when I was about 9; we glued them to wooden turkey cut outs for Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty awesome. Wonder where that went…. Hmmm.

Back to the topic at hand…. Oh yeah. So I took it out of the cabinet a few times this past week. And then promptly put it back to revert to frozen pizza or chicken or a roast. Much simpler, or so I thought. R’s mom passed me a recipe for it today, so I decided that NOW was the time. I hear it’s better the next day, so I tossed the ingredients into the CrockPot & called it good.

What I used:

Handy-dandy slow cooker (as pictured below!)

A bag of dried 15-bean soup mix

A few slices of extra-thick bacon

A large can of diced tomatoes (juice & all)

 Spices (chili powder, salt & pepper, tsp lemon juice, etc)
Vegetable broth (half of container)
It will all be co-habituating on high until after Big Love (on HBO) is over tonight, then it will reduce to low for the next 6 hours, and it will drop to warm until dinner tomorrow… And I’m praying it doesn’t turn into bean casserole! I’ll let you all know how it goes….
And the original point of even posting a blog was to say, every Sunday I’m going to be either using the slow-cooker or will be making a new type of soup. Yay for Souper Sundays!
PS. That little project I started a couple weeks ago? DONE. The other one for you, Megan? DONE. Both will be dropped -FINALLY- in the mail for their recipients tomorrow. And then I can finally post some pics!
PPS. Thanks for the recipe, Roxie!
PPPS. All the pics came from Google. 🙂
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