Gah! I’m not a web design guru, obviously.

So I just tried to post a comment on here to see if everything is working correctly, and apparently the design I have on right now makes it so you can’t see the Captcha to finalize the comment. And changing the settings to pop-up or seperate page doesn’t work, either!

The whole reason I changed from WordPress hosting to Blogger was to be able to use cute designs… I’m seriously contemplating changing BACK because there are so many issues with Blogger!!!

And while I’m on a rant about computer-y things– Damn you, standard iMac mouse!! You would think that an $1,800 computer would come with a mouse that worked ALL THE TIME, but, NO. The stupid little roller ball (to scroll on pages) works maybe 1/2 the time, and that’s a stretch. Let’s face it; once you’re used to doing things a certain way, it’s hard to break a habit. Now I have to maneuver the darn pointer allllltheeeewayyyyy to the scroll bar on the right, and manually move the page. Lame. (Poor me, I know.) I would chuck the darn thing through the 27″ screen if I didn’t LOVE this iMac so much. It’s like my bestest friend.

*Recovering from momentary breakdown now*


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One Response to Gah! I’m not a web design guru, obviously.

  1. Cheryce says:

    Check 123…. Are my comments working NOW???

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