Pursuing a new idea….. and praying for daylight!

In crafty-ness news:

I’ve been toying with an idea for a new little project for a few weeks, and I’m really excited that it’s halfway complete as I type. šŸ˜€ While I would love to share a few more details, one of you who reads my blog will be getting a surprise in the mail and I won’t post pics until that said person sees it. Yay! Nothing is better than giving a no-strings-attached gift that you’ve made specifically for that person.

On the same note, there is yet another undertaking I’ve been stocking up for. Maybe you’ve seen one of these if you’ve had a baby in the past few years. They’re these blankets (with a patent protected design, so you’re not allowed to SELL them) with little ribbons sticking out every which way. Parker LOVES tags on his blankets & toys. Like, realllllly loves them. So I’m going to attempt to make him one.  THIS ONE is probably the cutest one I’ve stumbled across, but most are really simple squares. Perfect for a really amateur sewer like me, right??

In family news:
We are still planning on our move to the Midwest. It’s looking like the move will come when the tax return does, because apparently it will cost us:
$1,200 for a U-haul & car trailer
$500 (aprox) for fuel
$300 (hopefully less) for food

…just for the drive over there. Of course, that doesn’t include rental deposits, the full tune-up on the Mustang, or earplugs for Ryan & I. This might seem insignificant, but we’re all going to need to add to our wardrobes, too. We have middle of the road (weather-wise) clothing. Oregon/Washington clothing, where you can wear flip-flops in January (as long as you don’t mind wet toes) or a hooded sweatshirt in July (because the beach is windy). Obviously not so in Iowa.

Originally we had wanted to have the kids stay somewhere for a week, drive the UHaul over, just the two of us, then fly back & fly home with them. That was before we checked Expedia & realized it would cost $1,177 total for the return flight, and another $578 for us to fly from Iowa to Oregon. Gah! Moving cross-country is ridiculously expensive!

We need a house first… and we may have found one! A reply to a “house wanted” ad I posted on CraigsList came through today & I’m waiting for her reply. It’s not my 5bed-3story-old-charming-window seat-secret garden-lovely-dream house, but it’ll work.

And here is to hoping that it warms up to at least 10*F before we move there! By the way, once we are there, I will be easy to spot. I’ll be the one wearing full on thermal Antarctic worthy clothes until June, and after that you can find me in the freezer section at Hy-vee, until at least mid-September.


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2 Responses to Pursuing a new idea….. and praying for daylight!

  1. simplyaltered says:

    I love the blanket!! Can't say that I have ever seen anything like it. Where do you find all these awesome new crafts!!!! ?????? I am excited to hear more more more about your move here!! sounds like you have done your homework as far as expenses. It would be SO awesome and so good for the two of you if you could have traveled here solo, but just not cost effective. Darn it. !! Hold off on buying clothes. There is lots of options to choose from here, garage sales consignments, etc etc…. Jessi is the PERFECT person to help you in that area!!!!

  2. Pdxby7 says:

    I think that it is really the cutest thing I've ever seen, too! I want to copy it. Lol! As far as where I find them…. I just waste a lot of time reading blogs & doing Google searches. Yeah, it would pretty much double our costs to drive/fly/fly rather than just drive. I will be completely insane before we get there, however! Oh yessss. Jes & I have discussed garage selling this summer- Can't wait! ~C

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