What this layoff has taught me…. Installment one.

First & foremost; It has taught me that, while his constant, unpredictable travel for work was bad, him being home all day with me is worse! Ok, it’s not all bad. But I had a routine, ya know. Everyone except the youngest two would leave in the morning. They’d have breakfast, play, and then a nap. And I would have a few hours to clean, craft, facebook, talk to friends, and be alone….  Then the kids would come home, dinner would go in, he’d get home, and the evening insanity would ensue. Now, there is no routine whatsoever. Not his fault at all, but it is what it is. It was even worse when the kids were off for Christmas break, I didn’t even know if it was Saturday or Monday. Lesson #1 being, don’t complain about someone being gone too much if you’re not willing to have them in your space everyday. 😉

To continue:
I’ve also come to realize that the set-in-stone schedule of some households will never be ours. We will never all rise & shine at 6am. We will never have dinner at the same time every night. And it’s ok if I can’t carve out any ‘me’ time until the household is in bed… Which is precisely what I did tonight. The kids all asleep, him reading for awhile before bed, and me, in MY corner, making 50 some-on magnets while tuning out the world with my iPod. Can’t beat that. A solid 90 minutes of ME time.

Everyone needs ‘ME’ time, but even more so (I think) when life is so chaotic you can’t figure out which way is up without a GPS in hand… Even then, it’s uncertain if you will find the mythical light at the end of the tunnel. But stepping away from the financial stress, emotional baggage, and kid drama will do a mama (and daddy!) good.

So go take a break!

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2 Responses to What this layoff has taught me…. Installment one.

  1. jacqleo says:

    Nothing like a little distance to make the heart grow fonder, I say! haha!

  2. Ryan says:

    I couldn't agree more. Everyone DOES need ME time….so, get outta my space already! :)Kidding, love.I know it's been tricky but I know it won't be like this forever.

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