Schoolhouse ROCK!

I used to love those shows! I should borrow a few from the library & see what the kids think of them, huh? These kids these days, all jacked up on Jonas Brothers & Nikelodeon & youtube. Gimme a break! Schoolhouse Rock, Bugs Bunny, A.L.F., that was good tv! And let us not forget Rainbow Brite & Smurfs!  🙂  Now I’m looking at a list of 70’s & 80’s cartoons instead of finishing this post. Here’s a secret for you: My favorite show EVEROFALLTIME when I was a kid was J.E.M. Totally awesome, I tell you. I wanted her holographic powers something fierce. For a brief time, I thought it would be awesome to be a Popple or one of those cupcake thingies that flipped inside out to become a doll….

And as usual, I’ve distracted myself. The whole point of THIS post was to inform the world (or the two people who follow me, rather!) of my decision to -drum roll, please- go back to college. See, I started the a year after high school graduation. I quit when Emily was born, as being a single working mom of two attending college full time proved to be a bit over my level of responsibility at the young age of 19. I once again started about the time Savannah made her presence known, and ended up quitting (yet again! FAIL!) because of the lack of my time management skills. Not to mention, I had never really decided a major, a degree, a career path. Until now.

See, there have been many subjects that have piked my interest over the past few years. Originally I wanted to major in music education (completely ironic; that’s Ryan’s degree!) but lost the bug for it somewhere in advanced music theory. Thought about being a web designer for a bit, but I’m too people oriented to stare at a monitor for 40 hours a week. I even seriously considered joining the Reserves at one point, and probably would have if it wouldn’t have been for my girls.

The until now part: Since I have a little experience in the teen parent department (yep, me. I know, right?) and have always been interested in reaching out to that clique, I have firmly decided to go back & earn my Sociology degree, then hopefully find a spot in social work where I can reach out to help prevent, educate, and support teen pregnancy & parenting. It’s an epidemic, and a sad one at that. It’s also a topic I could post multiple blogs on, but I will resist.

So that’s what has been occupying my time as of late. Did the FAFSA thing, narrowed down a few colleges that offer the programs I need, and even managed to look up a few scholarships, because, well, college is spendy. Even community college will run you around $7,000 per year! (I knew I should have moved to Sweden where college is FREE for citizens!!)

Any ideas? I’ll be headed to the local library to research some scholarship options. Can’t seem to trust any websites I find through random Googling. I’ve already checked the college scholarship foundations. Taking out loans isn’t an option; we don’t need more student debt to shoulder! 🙂


PS! Megan, if you’re reading, I FINALLY figured out what your *prize* is. And Roxie, if YOU are reading this, you won last week by default! And I’m sending you Parker. Congrats. 😉

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2 Responses to Schoolhouse ROCK!

  1. jacqleo says:

    JEM was awesome. I had the dolls and liked them and their '80s rocker clothes way more than Barbie! Looney Tunes are on TOON Network and I've been recording them to watch with Bennie. Trying to give her an appreciation of the classics before she has any chance to see the crappy cartoons they put out today.Good luck with going back to school! I know from my sister's struggles that it is very difficult to find the means these days (didn't help to have Mr. Bush's priorities in place for so long). Clinton was president when I was looking at school funding and it was a much different landscape, though still not easy. I'd suggest the same thing I suggested to my sister… see if you can find employment or volunteer work in or near to the area you'd like to go into. Often a foot-in-the-door will uncover sponsorship opportunities from the employer or organization. Great to find a way to be paid while having your schooling paid for at the same time! It happens, really! 😉

  2. Cheryce says:

    I always put on the Flinstones or Jetsons for Savannah. And Looney Tunes! 🙂

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