Poke it with a fork; Christmas is D.O.N.E.

Christmas came. Christmas went.

We shopped, wrapped, unwrapped, ate, and played with the new goodies.

Tree went up, tree came down.

I think that’s all there is of Christmas 2009 in our house. I’m the sorta person who likes to put the tree up early (this year, it was up before Thanksgiving!) and take it down quickly. Last year, the tree & lights were put away before the sunset on the 26th.

So what’s next? 2010 is only 4 days, 2 hours, and 51 minutes away. 2010 will be ushering in a whole slew of change for our family. What a ride this year has been, too. Court battles, job stress, financial woes, battles of will with kids…. Never a dull moment, I swear.

On our agenda already is a cross-country move. The *BIG DEAL* of 2010 was supposed to be our wedding, but a layoff trumps that. I’m pulling for Vegas, but Ryan’s not going for it. I have my gown, he can rent a tux. Circus Circus, here we come! Riiiight. I haven’t even really thought about it in a month. Kinda sad.

Anyway, does anyone have any advice for moving 2,000 miles with a bunch of kids, two cats, and a guinea pig in tow? Aside from the Valium prescription to keep me from losing my mind, I don’t know where to start!

Question number two for today- New Years Resolutions. Do you make them, or do you skip them? If you do, what will your top three be?

Mine will be:

1) Shed the Parker baby weight
2) Improve upon my parenting skills
3) Walk closer to God

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3 Responses to Poke it with a fork; Christmas is D.O.N.E.

  1. Gramman Roxie says:

    I love the title of this post!! I'd say Christmas was WELL DONE this year! No resolutions for me but if I WAS a resolution person, I would do the following…1. spend more of my "caring energy" on my husband2. pray more fervently and consistently3. live in the momentMy suggestion for moving across the country….find new homes for the pets. 🙂

  2. Pdxby7 says:

    HAHAHAAAAA! Your son wiil NOT like that comment!! 😉 However, I do…

  3. jacqleo says:

    My family moved from Colorado to Washington to Colorado to Oregon, driving each way. We had two big dogs, but I was the only kid. My folks rented a big U-Haul and my stepdad drove that with sedated pets in cages. Mom and I traveled in the car together on our own. We would have stopping point along the way where we'd catch back up with eachother before stopping for the night. On the long drive my mom had me reciting my multiplication tables since I was getting a poor grade in this area. Learned them pretty well! "Give me the Ninies." 9-18-27-36-45-54-63-72-81!

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