Ok, so it’s really not THAT bad. But it could have been! I had to go into the dentist yesterday for an emergency appointment to have a BROKEN TOOTH fixed. Or at least that was the plan. They ended up doing a two-hour emergency in-office surgery, or something like that, to remove it. It hurt, and I quite possibly will never step foot in a dentists office again. My jaw is now painfully swollen, and I have a Grand Canyon where I used to have a tooth. Thank you, painkillers, for getting me through today. After five pregnancies, five labors, and five deliveries/recoveries, you’d think that I’d be fine. Oh, NO. I’m a total chicken when it comes to the dentist. I’m talking cold sweats, racing heart, and nails leaving trench marks in the chair arm. *Shudder*

So I managed to live through yesterday and see today. It’s all good. The 800mg Ibuprofen helps, forget the Vicodin they prescribed me. That stuff is A)scary, B)addictive, C)nauseating.(In fact the Ibuprofen is about ready to be re-dosed, because, well, OW!)

Before bed last night, *Santa* visited our house to fill stockings, eat cookies, feed his reindeer, and leave gifts. I had this idea to sprinkle fine powder glitter on everything *Santa* touched. The girls TOTALLY bought that it was Magic Reindeer Dust, hook-line-sinker. Talk about genius!!! Oh, and the guinea pig chewing on a carrot for a couple hours totally makes it look like Rudolph did it. Just sayin’.

We headed up north to my parents for a super-yum dinner, some gift exchange-mojo, and the battle of wills with my niece/nephews. (My sister also has 5 children, so add our 5, and you have a daycare of children under the age of 9. Scary, huh?) Got home later that afternoon after a few hours of the sheer terror that all those kids can reign in. We were going to wait until tomorrow to do a fancy-schmancy Christmas breakfast, open gifts, have a fancy-schmancy dinner, and then…. well, who knows.

Instead, we came home, whipped up some mac & cheese, hot-dogs, and sliced apples. Awesome. Kids were fed, we Skyped with my two favoritest people (following the six I live with), and attacked the gift pile. I tell ya what. These kids made out! Totally. The only slightly disappointing occurrence was discovering that my ex also bought Alyssa her coveted Zambi elephant. She was great about it though, totally cracking up over getting not one but TWO of her FAVORITEST thing EVER. Love it. What a great kid.

Since I said I’d post what I got him in a previous blog, here’s what Ryan was given….

Thick, heavy, warm Ralph Lauren bathrobe
cozy PJ bottoms (because I claimed his & pretty much destroyed his when I was pregnant)
Furry, amazing Oscar De La Renta sweater
Light-weight blue sweater
The coolest coffee mug EVER– The new Starbucks Via mug.
A new Fossil wallet
Travel kit-  stain removal stick, wrinkle release, static guard, shout wipes, and hand sanitizer.

Love it.

Should I brag about my loot? 😀 I think I shall!

From Ryan-
a new IPOD! 8gbs! The awesome wet-dry hair straightener! Bath & Body works Sweet Pea, the entire line! Photoshop Elements! Woot!!

From my two favoritest people (after the six that I live with!)-
A beautiful necklace! A new wallet specifically from Mahaska Drug (which happens to be 2,000 miles away)! And a wonderful, amazing, handmade scrapbook ready for me to fill! LOVE it! So thoughtful & kind & perfect!! Rox, I don’t know where you find the time. Love ya!

Parker was so funny. He tried to eat a few pieces of paper, discovered that a gift box lid tasted good, and then threw a fit because his toy was still packaged. He ate a play hammer for about 15 minutes, and then laid on wrapping paper to take a nap. Oh, and let’s not forget the MINE and MINE attitude he pitched. Ha! He loved the stack of gifts sent by my two favoritest people (after the six that I live with!), his aunt, uncle, and cousin, and us. Spoiled rotten little boy!


Emily teared up, she was SO THRILLED with her blanket!

My soon-to-be sister-in-law made the girls TU-TU’s in a rainbow of colors! SO CUTE!!!

We’re also headed to Build-a-Bear, thanks to my two favoritest people (after the six that I live with!) sending each girl a gift card.


Ahhhhh. What a nice day. Gifts aside, I mean. I was stressed out for today to come, because of custody fights, never getting to do holidays on MY schedule, and always having to travel on Christmas. I wanted to wake up with the kids this morning, do breakfast, and have the *ideal* Christmas day. Well, two of the kids were gone (at the ex’s). We had to go get them. Parker was being a pain because of teething, I was snarky because of my mouth, we were late, drove 100 miles one way, and then couldn’t do dinner & gifts the way I wanted.

Guess what? After I let go of my idealistic expectations, and just went with the flow, I realized that this American media-propaganda-forced image of the perfect holiday just ISN’T REAL. I assume that at least 50% (probably more) of America has the same parenting-plan schedules to plan around. Not everyone has 2.2 kids, lives in the huge mansion with a spiral staircase to come down in the morning, with perfectly coiffed hair, and well behaved angel children.

I want to see a Christmas commercial where the kids are beating each other with their Barbies, the dad is sitting alone watching football, and the cat pees on the carpet in front of everyone. THEN maybe families like mine will feel normal!!

Oh! And since Megan, Tammy, and Kelli are the only three that left a comment on my blog, I will randomly draw you & let you know who *won a prize*. 😀

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3 Responses to Post-Tooth-Pull-Apocalyptic-Christmas-Blog

  1. simplyaltered says:

    I will post another comment ( does that Up my chances ???) hahha. JOKING !!! Sounds like your Christmas was great. Not the Normal Rockwell kind, but I too, had those expectations at one point in my life, until I began thinking realistically !!! it. don't. happen. We were always harried, ripping open gifts, thrown together and out the door to another family function……but it is what the kids will remember, and never want it any other way now!!! 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    I am LOL at your Christmas commercial idea! I love it!!! 😉

  3. Ryan says:

    I, too, found the vision of your Christmas commercial priceless. I think you should contact someone about it! It's bound to register with so many people. ha ha. I had such a great Christmas with you and our princesses and our little elf! Love you sweetheart.XOXOXO!RyRy

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