Week #2….

Tomorrow begins week #2 of Ryan being home with us. It’s shaping up to be a busy week. Headed to see the big man himself (SANTA!) tomorrow with the kids. Tuesday we’re headed to either the zoo or this pizza place with a massive playground with my friend J & another of her friends, weather dependent. Wednesday we do the custody switch off, Thursday is Christmas Eve & our churches candle light service, Friday we head to my parents (with another custody switch off along the way) and do Christmas there.

And THEN– we get to finally watch our children turn into greedy heathens for 45 minutes, ripping & shredding anything that falls into their hands. So much for the time & energy spent wrapping those 5 ka-jillion gifts, huh?

Parker will probably just eat the paper that covers his Fisher Price Laugh & Learn House, come to think of it. 😀

Savannah got her Starsong My Little Pony. She’ll be stoked. She tries to leap from the cart, ninja style, when we walk past it at Target. Hopefully we won’t see her for hours. Haha. Kidding, kidding.

Alyssa’s main gift was the steal of the century. She wanted nothing except this elephant (because ell-ells are her favorite thing on earth forEVer, mom). This toy cost $50! Ok, that might have been fine if she was in a family of two or a single child. But with five kids, forget it. We resigned ourselves to getting something else for her. Last weekend, we found the same Zambi, the Baby Elephant at Ross for SIXTEEN bucks!! That’s it. Same toy, not broken, not repackaged, nuthin. $16! So it’s now under the tree. SCORE!

Emily has been waiting for me to make her a tie blanket for a while now, so I took Christmas as the opportunity to actually do it. It’s cute. She’ll love it. She also got a play-dough set, The Girls book of Glamour, and a few other things.

Olivia was the hardest to shop for. She wasn’t big enough for the ‘tween stuff, but she was way to big for just dolls & kid stuff. She also got two of the Girls Books, and a french memo board covered in peace signs, which are her *new thing*. I don’t know where that came from, I assume from a friend at school. Kids. They’re funny.

They each got an outfit/dress, and a new pair of PJ’s, because that is Christmas tradition with me. Must have a new pair of PJ’s to wear as you open gifts! Also under the tree are some other gifts for each of them, from them. They drew names (well, I did). I like the rule of three. They each have only three gifts from us, one from a sibling, and then a Santa gift. I heard on NPR someone discussing why they only get each child three, and then I heard Kathy Lee discussing the same thing so I decided it must be fate trying to save us money & jumped on the band wagon.  I like Kathy’s reasoning (although I hate that portion of the Today show with her & Hooda):

Jesus only got three gifts.
Good enough for him, good enough for me.

I can’t wait to post pictures. This blog was mostly to update far away friends & family; probably not to interesting for the general public. 😉 I’d post what I got Ryan, but then he would know.

Gah!! Speaking of, I took the Mustang the other night for some mommy shopping time. Pulled my purse out of the car, noticed some papers all stapled together on the ground, picked them up to see if they were ours, and saw Ryan’s name right under the part of the receipt that SHOWED MY CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM HIM. Yep, I am the killer of surprise & Christmas magic. I know one of my gifts, and I hear Santa’s bells coming to haul me away to Elf Prison right now. 😦

It wasn’t on purpose. Harrumph.  And WHERE is MY snow???

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3 Responses to Week #2….

  1. simplyaltered says:

    this blog update was nothing if completely ENTERTAINING !!!! I love it!!!! I need this kind of humor today as I am realizing how inadequate my gift buying abilities are. Jessi was even here today and did give me some pointers. I have such buyers remorse!!! grrrr…… but I love what you got everyone and still waiting to hear what Ryan gets. 🙂 oh yeah, and how TOTALLY annoying is Kathi Lee???? ick!!! good thing they offer good ideas or I would definitely turn it off when they come on!!!! Does anyobe seriously like them two together??? no one I know does!!!and when the elves come to get you for prison, ask them to swing by and get me too. I could use a break!!! 🙂

  2. Pdxby7 says:

    Lol! Thanks Kelli! Glad I could amuse someone… You're one of the, oh, four people that reads my blog. Ha! Ugh. I HATE that portion of the show. I always change it as soon as it starts, but for some reason I left it on that day. They're so catty and annoying! In fact, I think I pretty much hate the today show in general. Too many commercials! It's like I'm watching a commercial & a TV show breaks in. The elves were watching today; we got the package from Rox & Jess in the mail. I wanted SO BADLY to see what was in those packages!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Cheryce, I read your blog! You crack me up! I know one of my xmas gifts too! On Monday my husband accidentaly told me what it was. He always uses the debit card so I know where the stuff came from. Why can't he be sneaky for once and surprise me? I like the idea of 3 gifts, as usual I went way overboard with buying stuff! My husband is going to kill me when he sees all the toys! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!! Oh, by the way, this is Tammy from Facebook!

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