2009– The year in quick review.

My favorites from 2009, although the first two are *technically* 2008.

December ’08, making tacos while it continued to snow & block us inside. (Notice the preggo belly there!)

What you can’t see here is the fact that we lived about a mile up a steep hill, that was covered in 4 inches of snow, with two inches of ice, and another 7 inches of snow! We were snowed in for almost two weeks! Unheard of in Oregon.

The day we found it we were having a BOY BOY BOY! I have never been SO happy in my life!

Now you see her….

Now you don’t! Easter at the Oregon Zoo, 2008.

Love it!

That’s right, I’ve been in labor for around 19 hours now. Why are you taking my picture?? Maybe an hour before Parker was born.

Breaks my heart. 😦

The first time I saw him in days without his CPAP gear on. Look at that face!

 This might seem out of place, but we discovered the photo booth program on our new iMac when Parker was in the NICU. We were both so drained & sad, that when we took this picture we laughed until we cried. (Notice the mascara under my eyes, I’d been crying all day. Laughter is the best medicine!)
 The day we brought him home! May 8, 2009.

Beautiful! Grandma & Parker, his first full day home.

 Picnic in the back of the car in Seaside, Oregon for the Fourth of July! Fun & yummy!
Way too much fun at the beach. πŸ™‚

She is so adorable!!

Just for fun one day. It only took 5 shots to get one with them all looking at the camera.

Looks like her mama, huh?

Grandpa and the boys in Iowa.

Best part is, I was only making a face because he was taking my picture… Boys in the back were purely coincidental. Love it!

This kid is so cute I can’t stand it!

Aww. I like him. Canby Dahlia Festival, 2009.

So he totally digs his mommy… That’s me! Love this kid.
2009 started with a monster snow storm finally melting away.
In February we began packing to move across Portland.
March brought Savannah’s second birthday, and a few early labor scares.
April brought Parker Lee into this world, albeit 7 weeks early, following with a 15 day stint in the NICU and a million tears from his parents.
May brought Parker coming home, Olivia’s 9th birthday, and Grandma Roxie, all the way from Iowa to meet our little boy.
June ushered in summer, freedom from school, and some much needed down time for us all.
July was full of your typical summer fun, with a trip to the Oregon coast and a couple other fun places.
August was the month for Emily’s 7th, Alyssa’s 5th, and my 26th!
September saw Ryan, Parker, and I flying to Iowa to let Parker meet his Daddy’s family. What a great trip.
October & November were fairly uneventful this year. We all had the swine, er, H1N1. For almost two months, one by one, we all got it. Ugh. Oh, and Ryan proposed to me in October! Mustn’t forget THAT!
December brought the biggest changes yet, with Ryan’s lay-off and some major decisions to be made about our future. Still looking at Iowa at this point…
Anyway, there are a few pictures from the past year. More to come from Christmas, I’m sure. I rarely post pictures, but I’m thinking I should do it more, for posterity’s sake and all that. Here’s to 2010, you all. Can’t wait to see what it has in store for our family!

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2 Responses to 2009– The year in quick review.

  1. simplyaltered says:

    I love love love it!!!! I was going to try to remember what ones I loved the best, but after getting through the whole post, I plain decided I love it ALL!!!!!! you have a BEAUTIFUL family!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you for the nicely written letter and perfectly placed pictures. As a blogger, I can only imagine how long this took you!!! Way to go!!!!! and may 2010 hold all sorts of new doors opening up for all of you!!!!!!!

  2. Pdxby7 says:

    Thanks Kelli! I think my favorites are the one of me holding Parker in the hospital, and the one of all the kids laying down. But the pic of Roxie holding Parker comes in a VERY close third. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the comment, BTW! I think you're the only one who actually reads my blog. Lol.

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