Dinner, in the fashion Julie & Julia.

We rented Julie & Julia last week. In case you haven’t seen it, the quick rundown is this woman (Julie) who feels like she hasn’t ever finished anything in her life comes to a decision to cook every single recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. It was a great movie. We both wanted to watch it, but were pleasantly surprised with how good it really was. Meryl Streep was AMAZING as Julia, by the way. I’d highly recommend watching it.

I have decided to take a cue from this movie & start a new culinary chapter. Ryan already jumped on the bandwagon with dinner a few nights ago. He made this super yummy chicken/broccoli Alfredo with cavatappi pasta, and warmed up some store bought asiago cheese bread. Way better than the soup & sandwiches I was planning, I must say. 😉

Looking at this giant stack of cookbooks we have really has me wondering what’s inside of them. We have everything from rote The Joy of Cooking to Chow * A Comer, a English/Spanish cookbook my oldest daughters preschool put together, with a recipe from everyone in the class. That one is my favorite. In fact, it has a chapter dedicated to the kids descriptions of how to make their favorite foods. They are priceless. Examples?

Fried Fish. “Get guts out and yucky stuff out and cut off head. Some salt and pepper in oven for 8 minutes and don’t eat the skin. (Ben, age 5)

 Corn. “Get it out of pan and set it on the table. Put on your plate and finish it right now.” (Ebby, age 3)

 *Favorite!* Salad. “Make a salad out of salad dressing. Get the ranch and put in a bowl and put salad in and mix it up. Peppers, chocolate chips, oatmeal, purple cabbage, pickles, a square sandwich. This takes a long time.” (Madison, age 4)

Too cute. Maybe I’ll post more in another blog down the road.

I think that the first new dinner we are going to try will be from The Joy of Cooking, simply because of the section that contains premade meal menus, including dessert. 🙂 We aren’t necessarily picky eaters, per say, in this house, but we do have a few food issues. Nothing with any alcohol, cooking or otherwise. I’m not the worlds biggest seafood fan (I think this may be illegal in the Northwest, I’m not sure though). And we do have kids that will be eating it, so the super fancy food recipes may be a bit lost on them.

A friend & I were discussing our habits of whipping up the same few meals. In our house, dinner is almost always one of these:

home made chili
a roast with veggies
teriyaki chicken with rice & broccoli
pigs in a blanket (kids fav, not mine!!!)
frozen “Chicken Voila!” sort of thing
french dips
soup & sandwiches

So, in closing, on to new recipes, inspiring children to try new foods, and breaking out of our bubble!

Bon Appétit!

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