Ryan’s last day.

Today is his last day at Sprint. I’m not sure how to handle this from here. He will be in my space! All day! Never leaving! Dirtying dishes! Eeeek!

Haha. Kidding. It’ll be nice to have him around, especially since the holidays are in full swing. Maybe I can sweet talk him into running to get that extra roll of wrapping paper when it’s 21 degrees and snowing. It won’t be all bad. 😀 Too bad the schools have to be SO particular about attendance. I miss homeschooling now, when we lived off of our own schedule. This would be PERFECT for us to be able to pack up & hit the road for a week or two. Meh. Suppose we’ll be driving enough miles when we head to the Midwest in the next few months.


This blog is really pointless today, sorry about that. My mind is sort of running in circles, riding the merry-go-round again. Went grocery shopping at (ugh) Winco this morning, and was pleasantly surprised with Savannah & Parker. Mr Man sat like a big boy in the shopping cart, contentedly chewing on his blanket from his Auntie Lynn. Savannah walked along side the cart, and we pondered such matters as, “cheese blue, mama?” and “dat’s cow milk, mama?”. No breakdowns this time, not even from me. I consider it a successful trip. Funny antidote: Parker only fussed one time. I grabbed a soda and he started FREAKING out. Noticed that he was watching it intently, so I let him hold it, and of course, he tries to start drinking from it. Apparently all bottles are now Parker bottles. It did make a nice teething toy substitute for the last few minutes, however. (You know, if he was the first baby, I would have NEVER done that. Amazing how your parenting style changes & relaxes as the years & babies add up.)

Speaking of teething. He has been working so hard to cut his first toofy on top, for the past week or two. We could see the outline of his tooth under his gum, which was totally swollen & bright red. Every time he tried to gnaw on something or I rubbed his gums, he would pull away & screech.  Last night, I gave him some baby motrin, set him in my lap, and rubbed his gums until the tooth broke through. He was fidgety & fussy at me doing it, until about 1.4 seconds after it broke through. He settled right down! I was pretty amazed at how quickly the pain seemed to subside for him. Poor little guy.

—-> Next!

I have been ordering some shipping boxes from the USPS online store. (Did you know you can get all sorts of free shipping packages?? We now have a stockpile of various boxes & envelopes.) Before we move, I plan on addressing & paying postage for Alyssa to have some boxes she can send back to us, that way she can send school work, letters, etc without having to make a trip to the post office. I ordered a few more in different sizes the other day, and the mailman brought them today. Which leads me to my point…

He was wearing SHORTS. And SHORT SLEEVES with NO COAT!! Let me just mention that, the current temperature is only 25 degrees F. at my house. The pond is frozen solid, for crying out loud! How can he stand it? Sheesh. We’ve been wearing coats, gloves, scarves, and hats all week. I’ve been wearing fur lined boots & the thickest socks I have. (This coming from the girl who typically sports flip flops all year.) Crazy man. Absolutely crazy!

Well, I should probably go get some quarters & do some laundry. (That’s right, folks! We have 7 people in this place & only have coin-op laundry. I have a pretty much brand new washer & dryer sitting in my parents garage, but we have no hookups here. Niiiice.)  You should see the pile. I wasn’t kidding about how many loads I do per week. Of course, I haven’t felt like doing it at all when it has been in the teens, and I have to go outside to wash it.

Happy Friday!

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3 Responses to Ryan’s last day.

  1. Ryan says:

    I would GLADLY go get you that extra roll of wrapping paper when it's 21 degrees out. 🙂 Thanks for being so supportive honey. I love you!

  2. Pdxby7 says:

    How's about some Starbucks when it's 30? That sounds good.

  3. Ryan says:

    I'd do Starbucks even if it's -30 because I just like it that much and am such a caffeine-head!

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