T minus 4 & counting…

Today marked the beginning of Ryan’s last week at Sprint. The future is completely wide open at this point. I feel like we are standing in the middle of Pioneer Square. Just pick a direction & go with it. This is all so overwhelming for both of us that we can’t even take the first step.

When he moved from the Twin Cities to Portland, his (now ex) girlfriend had already moved here, he had transferred with his job, and she had an apartment. When I moved to Portland, he was already here and working & living. So now that the world is our oyster, we can’t chose what to do.

The way I see it, our top choice is moving back to his hometown in Iowa (as I’ve mentioned previously).

We could stay here.

We could move up near where I grew up.

Seattle area, maybe?

Maybe we should follow the yellow brick road.

The problem lies with moving expenses and logistics.  Do we move so he can find a job there, or do we find a job so we can move there? We are slightly confused. It’s sorta like being on the merry-go-round as a kid, you know, before the safety patrol ripped them all up, laying on your back, staring at the trees, spinning round & round & round until you cant focus on any specific point anymore. We discuss all the pros & cons, come to some sort of conclusion, and then cant figure out which direction we take to get there.

Maybe someone out there has been through this before. Where do you start after a layoff? How do you plan a cross country move? And can someone PLEASE tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

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