Something has GOT to give!

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of change around our house.

To start with, my fiance was laid off from his job. After nine years with the same company, you would think he would have been safe, but in this economy apparently nobody is. He was offered a severance package and that helps immensely. Of course, Oregon is right at the top of the list of highest unemployment rates in the nation. At this point, it isn’t looking very promising that we will be staying in the Portland area. In fact, we are looking at all options, including moving to his home town in Iowa. What a change that would be for this northwest girl. I’ve been here my entire life, albeit that year in Montana when I was two. 

I mean, let’s look at what Iowa doesn’t have that the NW does:
The Pacific ocean
my family
hills, valleys, peaks
an abundance of rivers, creeks, and streams
huge forests
evergreen trees

And the biggest, one of my daughters who currently lives with her father, visiting us on the weekends. That is the sticker. But how do I chose ensuring a life for the four kids over possibly being homeless in a few months just so we can stay closer? I can’t. Her father & I may not see eye to eye on a lot anything, but we both want to make sure all kids involved are taken care of properly. And we can’t do that when we can’t earn enough to afford a house here.

Iowa has a much, MUCH lower cost of living. We could afford a two story house with a full basement, 5 bedrooms, two baths there for less than half of a 3 bedroom condo in Portland. Literally. The west coast is EXPENSIVE.  Here is a map/website to show the difference across the country.  Look at it! It’s ridiculous! Here’s some more info on the comparison between Portland & Des Moines (fairly close to the town we’re looking at). If you click on the links to the left, the ‘economy’ comparison says it all. 10% in Oregon. We don’t stand a chance. Even better, look at the housing comparison. How does anyone afford it here?

Anyway, my baby boy is fussing for some attention; I’ll have to finish this up later. Keep our family in your prayers and thoughts, please. We have a long road riddled with a million tough decisions ahead.

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