Off topic, but hey.

A messy house makes me homicidal.

Ok, not LITERALLY. But pretty darn close. And after the weekend we have been having, cat hair and a stray sock just may push me over the edge. Is that sad? Yes, most likely. It seems with every member added to this family (guinea pigs & cats included) the mess gets harder & harder to stay ahead of.

My daily list includes:
At least two loads of dishes
Sweep & mop the kitchen
Wiping counters & stove at least once
About 15 diaper changes
Three or four clothing changes for the 2 & under crowd
A full load of laundry accumulating
Putting away an unGodly amount of clothing

Litter boxes
Guinea pig cage
Deep cleaning the bathroom
Deep cleaning the kitchen
Cleaning the fridge
Vacuuming the entire condo
Putting away stray books, movies, etc
Sorting through the GIANT stacks of papers

And it goes on & on & on! Quite honestly, I don’t get most of it done every day or every week because there is always SO much going on. School, premarital counseling, wedding vendor appointments, shuffling kids to the ex’s & back… It really feels like a never ending merry-go-round. Weekly, I do about 15 loads of laundry. Ridiculous! That’s not even really counting the sheets & blankets. Just towels & clothes.

We must simplify. I don’t know what else to do. Boxes upon boxes have been donated. We have filled a dumpster with the garbage we’ve tossed. And I keep organizing & reorganizing, never finding the magic solution that results in a CLEAN house. I’m exasperated. I’m fed up, and I’m cranky.

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One Response to Off topic, but hey.

  1. simplyaltered says:

    there is nothing wrong with feeling this way. I am a true believer once your surroundings become SIMPLER, your life, mind and well being will follow. PLUS, I see simplifying as a form of therapy!!! 🙂 keep on it. Decluttered house = decluttered mind. The running around of kids may not slow down for a few years, but try to do it as efficiently as possible, recruit help and trust me, when they are driving their own cars, you will miss those days!!!! ~~Kelli

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