Drumroll, please! Potty-training has begun!

Well, I’ve decided Savannah is ready to be a big girl & start potty training… More like, I’m ready to not have two in diapers anymore. I alternate between kids, and must change around 392 diapers a day. Well, that might be an over exaggeration.  We had a little talk about being a big girl and not having wet panties. She seems totally into it, so I put her into panties with the plastic pants over them. She keeps asking to “go baf-room” and running in there. At that point, I’m thinking to myself, maybe she’ll be one of the easy ones. Yesss. She’ll be good to go in a week or two.

Anyone want to guess what happens next? You got it. Within 10 minutes, she peed. She is in pair #2, and has been dry for 45 minutes or so. Maybe it’s because her mama is herding her into the bathroom every 5 minutes. Hmmm. She did just run out of her room to tell me, “no peed in dem”.

She’ll be ready for preschool next fall yet!

EDITED TO ADD: I think she gets it. The only toy in that overfilled room that she has played with is a toilet that goes with the doll house, and has placed every one of the doll house people, stuffed animals, ad My Little Ponies on it in turn. LOL!

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