I’ve recently noticed that my friends on FaceBook have been using their status box to post something each day that they are personally thankful for. Instead of doing that, I’ve decided to post a list of 30 things I am thankful for, one for each day of November, in honor of Thanksgiving. This list represents things that I feel incredibly blessed and thankful for, but may not always take the time to appricate on a daily or weekly basis. (The list is in a random order, except the first. There is a reason why God is first.)

Having a safe house to call home
Our newly found church
Every one of my children
The ability to read
Finally have founding ‘the one’ who loves me as much as I love him
The library system
Our family car (even though I sometimes claim to hate it)
Being able to capture my children growing on camera
Friends I can always rely on
High heels
Warm summer nights
Mochas, lattes, and frappuccinos
Having a larger than average family
Ryan’s continued, steady employment
Medical science (without it, we may only have four children)
All those that I consider family
Growing up in a small town
Beautiful flower gardens
My future in-laws, in so many ways
Being born into guaranteed freedom
The choices I’ve made that have brought me here today
The 19 years I spent getting to know my grandfather
My high school band teacher (for believing in me)
Living within two hours of the beach my entire life
Knowing how to drive a manual transmission
Unexpected answers to prayers

That wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.We all have a tendency to see the negative around us, especially in this day & age where the human condition prevails. Everyone is after bigger-better-faster-stronger-moreMoreMORE. Stopping to count your blessings can really help center a person. It’s too easy to watch the news of war, famine, and poverty with a blind eye, and exactly how good we really do have it.

Personally, my biggest bigger-better-faster-stronger-moreMoreMORE challenge has also been an enormous blessing. Since we moved to the neighborhood we now live in, I’ve found myself drowning in self-pity & jealousy at least weekly, if not daily. We are constantly surrounded by people driving $60k cars, living in million dollar houses. Now, deep down I know that money  doesn’t solve all problems. It’s hard for me to remember that those people, too, have their own inner demons, especially when our car is the only domestic vehicle when we drop the kids at soccer.
It’s our culture. It’s horrible. I know without a doubt that there are others who have a much harder life than I do. That’s why it is so important that we remember what we have, and to thank the One that provided it all for us.

~Happy blogging.

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2 Responses to Blessings.

  1. Gaamma Roxie says:

    You are blessed and you are a blessing.

  2. Pdxby7 says:

    🙂 You are great. I like you.

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