Halloween, illness, parenting, and such….

November 1st. Where is this year going? It is unbelievable that we’re rolling into the holiday season already. I realized yesterday while at Target that I have NO IDEA what to buy my children for Christmas anymore. At one point, it was simple. They loved certain characters, and all I had to do was randomly grab some item shoved on that shelf at the store to get a squeal of joy emitting from a child on Christmas morning. Now, Olivia is too old for most of the things she used to like. She still likes Barbies, but I think that two toy boxes full are quite enough of that influence. She isn’t quite old enough for the ‘tween’ aged stuff yet, but she is too old for little girl things. I think she will definitely be the hardest to shop for this year. Now I know why my parents & grandma resorted to buying clothes for us… It seems safer than offending a child with a ‘baby’ toy. :/

Halloween was uneventful in this house this year. The girls were all gone, and you can’t really take a 6 month old trick-or-treating by himself. I think the neighbors would have totally pegged us for using our son to get free candy, and let me tell ya. Some of our neighbors are not people you want to glare at you every time you open your door. They are not pleasant people. Anyway, the three of us spent last night running some shopping errands. Hit up the Goodwill on McLoughlin to look for some vases and/or jars for a wedding thing (can’t tell you!), and then we grabbed a bite at The Hotcake House. Well, Ryan ate. I ordered, and then proceeded to sneeze and try to not fall over. This place serves GIANT portions of food. I ended up taking all but maybe 5 bites home. Breakfast this morning! It’s hard to eat when you have a monstrous head cold. I couldn’t taste a thing and it made me mad. And I couldn’t stop sneezing! Which leads me too…

After we got home, I took some very lovely little Tylenol Cold Night time pills and crashed at 10:30. Didn’t wake up until about two am. That was a creepy time, to be quite honest. Our place was deathly silent. And the clocks all showed separate times. As I stumbled into the kitchen to get a drink, I tried to convince myself that I had not entered some parallel universe or the Twilight Zone or Area 51. Our house felt THAT weird. I was happy to fall back into bed for a couple hours. Have you ever felt that before? This heavy, silent bewitching hour that seems to happen in the dead of the night?

Someone forgot to mention to my son that last night was an extra hour for sleep. He woke up at 5am. I stand by my belief that it should be illegal to wake up that early. Of course, I had already had a solid 8 hours of sleep by that point, so I’ve been up ever since. It’s very rare in a house of 7 that I get this much quiet time in the mornings. Parker went back to bed about 45 minutes ago, Ryan is contently snoring away (and drooling on my pillow!), and I’m catching up on some news & blogging.

What a wonderful start to November, if you ask me.

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3 Responses to Halloween, illness, parenting, and such….

  1. simplyaltered says:

    this is a test 🙂

  2. simplyaltered says:

    yeah, it worked. It was kind of hard, but it did go through. The wedding one still did not. I tried 3 x, and each time it appeared to go through, but then stated "No comment posted" grrrr…I will go try again.

  3. Cheryce says:

    That stupid thing!!!

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