Desperately trying to keep summer alive….

(This would be considered a nice day anytime between October & June in the Northwest!)

I’ve been trying to keep summer alive for weeks now. There is just something about six months of gray skies and dreary weather that tends to get me down. Apparently I settled into the wrong corner of the country. Around Oregon, it feels like fall-winter-spring are all one long, continuous rainy day. Rarely we get snow. When we do, it becomes a melted slushy mess within a day. Not pleasant. I should take that back. Last year, we were utterly stuck for nearly two weeks. You see, in this area, we are apparently completely unprepared to handle real snowfall. But still. I would rather have that than a flood, another puddle outside my door, or being drenched & windblown after grocery shopping.

Anyway. I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ve been stretching summer out a little longer with some help from my soon to be mother in law. For Mother’s Day 2009, she gave me a vial of scented oil for our little candle burner thing-a-ma-jig. It’s raspberry lemonade, and it is yummy. I could eat it. Seriously. I’m so glad I found the website, because now I wont have to fly to Iowa to restock! (You can find the whole line of products HERE.)

Anyone have any ideas on how to chase away a case of seasonal depressive disorder?? I’m sure planning a wedding will help. Most years I tend to go tanning for short periods weekly to chase it away, but it’s sooooo bad for your skin. Maybe I’ll just turn on the heat lamp in our bathroom, slather myself with coconut smelling oil, and lay out a beach towel on the floor. 🙂

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