Ok, I think everyone in our house has had the H1N1 virus now. Well, maybe not Parker. He is on TamiFlu from the day Daddy was diagnosed. We’ve all had the cough, runny nose, tiredness, and a couple had tummy issues. But we’re all alive! No hospital stays! Woohoo! I think we survived this round of over-hyped media propaganda illness.

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3 Responses to Oink.

  1. jacqleo says:

    Wow, you had the real H1N1? I guess you can be glad that you no longer need to worry since you will all have natural immunity. I'm most afraid of baby Carina getting it. I know we're healthy, and even Bennie is a pretty strong little fighter, but I just don't know what it would do for a 1mo old. Glad you are all well now!

  2. Pdxby7 says:

    We know for sure Ryan & Alyssa had it, because they had it worse than any of us & were tested. Olivia & I had the symptoms first, but I chalked ours up to allergies & colds. Then everyone else got it… They can't test unless you have active symptoms, so I guess if we don't get it again, that was what we had. Lol. Parker is supposed to get his vaccine in a couple days, when he turns 6 months. But he is on TamiFlu and we don't know if he had it. I'm not sure he should still get it. Bennie isn't in daycare anymore, right? That cuts down some of the risk! I hope Carina & Bennie & you both avoid catching it! Oh, Bennie is old enough for the vaccine, isn't she?

  3. jacqleo says:

    I guess I have to check back to see if you reply to a comment on here! Lol! No more daycare, so that's a plus. The Ped doesn't have vaccine available yet, but Bennie could have it if we could find it. Seems to me everyone is just going to have to catch it before they finally get enough vaccine to go around. How is Parker doing?

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