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Switching hosting….

2009 October 2
by pdxby7
Ok, I’m switching over to a ‘blogger’ account. WordPress doesn’t allow me enough creative freedom with the themes, etc.
New site will be:
I’m going to try & copy everything to the new one, and then delete this account in a week or so.

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Confused? Why, yes- I am.

2009 October 1
by pdxby7
I’ve pulled some pretty harebrained moves lately. You think your mistakes are bad? Here’s one for you. Parker & I were at the Goodwill today, browsing through bargains galore. Of course, he decided he was hungry about 15 minutes in. I moseyed on to the back of the store to the bathrooms. Grabbed the diaper bag, grabbed PLM in his thirty pound seat. We went in to the bathroom, filled his bottle, and came right back out. No big deal, right?
Wait, it gets better.
A male employee was walking by as I came out, and looked at me sort of strange. Thought to myself, hey, most of the Goodwill employees are strange. Whatever. So, as I was snapping his seat back into the cart, I see another woman start going into the other bathroom. I started to call out, wait, that’s the men’s room, and then I saw the sign on the door SHE was going in said “WOMEN”.
Oh, yeah. I totally went into the wrong bathroom. The one clearly marked MEN.
At least now I know why the employee looked at me oddly. I only hope I didn’t unwittingly surprise some poor soul. Guess I’ll never know– I never even looked up when I was in there.
(Blushing from sheer mortification!)
And , just to reiterate, here is harebrained move #2:
I find myself obsessed with the free ads on Craigslist as I continue to reorganize our house to make it livable. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the one for a free futon (no stains, rips, breaks, etc!) and a shelf. I have wanted a futon to put in the kids room for ages. I email, they email back, I get directions, and I head out.
Lemme just say, I have moved massive things with that wagon. We strapped down the worlds largest storage tote full of stuff for Independence Day and hauled it over the Coast Range to Seaside and Tillamook. I moved our dining room set– HEAVY table, three benches. Heck, I’ve moved a good size love seat in the back of a Ford Explorer. Figured strapping a futon to the roof rack wouldn’t be any big deal.
So I get there, have to park semi-illegally, and get out to meet the guy. He just gives me a once over, and turned to go inside. So I take Parker up two flights of stairs to go look at this thing. There was NO WAY it was going to fit in any life on that car. I swear, it was the biggest futon- ever. The guy didn’t want to help me bring it down (which was a fine anyway because I realized at THAT moment, I didn’t know what to do with PLM while we were going to move the thing anyway) to see if I could get it to work. He sat there, smirking at the dumb girl while I hurriedly put the shelf in the car.
Then I find this on Craig’s List:

“Posting for a friend. Leather recliner. Pretty well worn, but SUPER comfy. Sorry – no pics, but I believe it’s navy; maybe black.
Metal-framed futon with khaki cover. Mattress still has good padding and no stains. I posted the other night, but the person that wanted it came to pick it up with a station wagon… ??? Anyways, this stuff needs to go by Thursday afternoon. If you can make it to northwest Portland by 1:30-2:00ish, it’s yours. Leave a phone number in your reply and I’ll get back to you around 1:00. Thanks!”

Wow, that’s embarrassing !I’m sure Ryan will be eternally grateful that I couldn’t bring it home anyway. :)

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His first acute illness..

2009 September 29
by pdxby7
It’s a milestone, albeit one I didn’t think we would reach so early. Parker has amazed me the past few days with his vomiting capacity. In fact, more is coming back up than is even going down. Anyway. I brought him to the pediatrician today, convinced that he has the H1N1 virus. I mean, under no circumstance should a baby be this cranky, unsettled, and leaky. Whatever “it” was, it had to be major.
Ah, no. Just a simple, everyday, run of the mill ear infection. He is on amoxicillian, which he prefers the taste of 10 to 1 over Tylenol. (Well, Walmart brand Tylenol. The real stuff is all recalled at the moment…) It’s funny. He makes kissy-lips when I give it to him. The doc seems to think that, when the mucous from the ear infection clears, it will stop triggering his gag reflex.
Let’s pray it does… that 17 lb human had dirtied 4 outfits, 5 blankets, and my sheets in two days!!

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The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: About the Series | PBS

2009 September 25
by pdxby7
Ryan & I are SO excited to watch this show. It looks absolutely amazing. Starts Sunday! I wonder if PBS will have the DVD for sale… I’m going to go check!
The National Parks: America’s Best Idea: About the Series | PBS.

Raising a Large Family: More Pluses Than Minuses – Associated Content

2009 September 22
by pdxby7

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We heart Pandora!

2009 September 17
by pdxby7
If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re totally missing out! You can search for me under the pdxby7@hotmail.com email address.

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Sewing? Me?!

2009 September 14
by pdxby7
So I inherited my grandma’s sewing machine today. It’s been at my moms for a decade or two now, collecting dust, waiting for me to come & bring it back to life! It looks like this (well, not exactly. That’s a googled pic, not mine):

Singer Touch & Sew, 626

Singer Touch & Sew, 626

It also comes with its state of the art (well, at some point) sewing cabinet. I was fascinated with the push button on the door as a kid. You pop the top off of it, and a section lifts up. You pull the machine up, and it rests on top of the table. Genius! It also has two drawers for me to cram some crafty things into. :)
(Sorry if you read what’s next, mom!) I went through and giggled with the girls over the sewing books and macrame magazine that were left in the drawers. The girls tried to convince me to save the white cotton fabric with faux paint splashes all over it, but alas. I have no use for it.
Maybe someone more skilled in the sewing machine department could hep me figure out how to use it. I remember the basics from when my mom & grandma made my sister & I matching dresses way back in middle school. Things like, string goes somewhere. Then you do something else, and push a foot pedal. And, Voila! You have a dress. Or something like that.
Roxie? Anyone??
See, my great idea is to start out making some easy little purses, out of some of the kids old clothes. Cute fabric, but not wearable anymore. Maybe eventually I’ll work my way up to a shirt or needle point pillow. You know, something useful. I’d attempt a quilt, but our condo is bustin’ at the seams with blankets knitted by my grandma. I’m afraid adding a quilt to the bunch may throw off our blanket karma & cause our closet doors to run for the hills.
The best part (besides being the new owner of a fabulous retro sewing machine) is having a table top surface that I can scrapbook and make cards at. Woohoo! I don’t do nearly enough scrapbooking. Digital cameras & photos make it too hard.
Besides, Ryan would maim me if I glued glitter to the iMac.

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Top 15 Facts You Probably Don’t Know – Listverse

2009 September 9
by pdxby7

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Our Trip!

2009 September 8
by pdxby7
We had such a great trip, airport details aside. :)
Parker was an angel, and slept from Portland to Minneapolis, and then from Minneapolis to Des Moines. A long day with a baby, but he was a champ! I was a little disappointed that it was dark by the time we were over Iowa. I really wanted to see the quilted landscape of the Midwest from the air. The flight from Minneapolis to Des Moines was the only time either one of us had a window seat too. Of course, we left the gate to find Don & Roxie waiting for us! After schlepping around that 15 lb sack of flour all day, we were to worn out to remember to grab the camera for Grandpa Don’s first look at Parker. (We are lame parents!)
We spent the weekend with “the grandparents” (a fond nickname for the four-some), Grampa Don and Gamma Roxie, Ryan’s brothers, sisters-in-law (sister-in-laws?), and nephews. Had a nice family dinner on Friday night, just to overwhelm the newcomer (ahem, that would be me!) Mama loves Parker! We went to church Sunday morning, which was great. Thanks to Parker’s volatile little tummy, I caught three songs and the closing prayer! We went to Smokey Row Coffee, a couple other downtown shops, and all around town. We also went to Wal-Mart three separate times. Whats up with that?! I was on a mission to find the girls gifts. But these couldn’t be just any gifts, they had to be “something special that they would treasure forever and I didnt want them to be the same and blahblahblah”. Sheesh. It was hard to find those! Finally settled on a pretty bookmark made from leather, beads, and rocks for Olivia, matching mother/daughter bracelets for Emily, a puzzle for Alyssa, and a LarryBoy mug for Savannah. Not exactly Iowa related, but hey. They loved them. Oh! And the cheesy local postcards.
One thing about Iowa, if you’ve never had the pleasure of going there: Locusts are loud at the end of summer.
I’m off to bed now, maybe more tomorrow after it all comes back to mind.

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I think I should have been raised in Iowa.

2009 September 8
by pdxby7
I mean, really. There is definitely something to be said for living in a city, or at least near a big city. There is always something going on, somewhere to go, someone to see. But maybe that’s really the problem. There isn’t any down time here. It’s gogogogogo from sun up to sun down. There has yet to be a single car ride I have taken in the Portland area that didnt involve traffic! It can really get old. That’s why it was so awesome to be in Oskaloosa. Ryan & I drove out to his brother & sister in laws house one night, and when we went over the highway, there wasn’t a single car on it. Getting out of the city for a few days was just what Ryan & I needed. We are both tired of the light pollution, the noise pollution. The cranky, self-centered people. The price of EVERYTHING. Houses are ridiculous here. Just read this article.
Sigh. I didn’t want to leave, and I know Ryan sure didn’t. It was a great trip. Well, once we got there. There was some botch up from Delta/NW/Expedia that almost had us not going. The flight was changed when Delta and NW merged, and our route & flight changed. Roxie spent a good chunk of time on the phone (on hold) before the mess was finally worked out. But wait, there’s more! When we tried to print the boarding passes to come home, we couldn’t check in online for some reason. Ryan called customer service and they told him to just check in at the ticket counter. We get to Des Moines, and the guy at the counter informs us that our return tickets have been exchanged, but they don’t know for what. ???!!! Uh, what? So poor Roxie, once again, gets to sit on hold and try to figure out what’s going on. Turns out that, when Delta/NW changed our flight out, for some reason our return flights weren’t attached with that. So when we didn’t board the original flight, it canceled our return tickets! (Or something like that, as far as I understand.) Argh! So while Roxie was trying to figure that out, Don rescued us, purchased the last two seats on the plane, and off we were with 3 minutes to get there! Oy vey. Thank God that the Des Moines isn’t a huge terminal, or we wouldn’t have made it. The worst part of all of it was not even being able to say goodbye to Don & Roxie. It was a blur. :(
I’ll post more details of the trip later today… Ryan just took off for work, the girls are at school, and it’s time for mama to get some grocery shopping & cleaning done!

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Here we go!

2009 September 3
by pdxby7
Wish us luck! We’re leaving for Iowa in T minus one hour. :)
Flying with a four month old shall be interesting, I think. As I type, I’m waiting for the polish on my nails to dry, and trying to not mark the iMac keyboard. Ryan might have something to say about that!
Everything is packed, waiting, and ready. We have some down time right now, but I think this will be it for a few hours. Our first flight lands at 7:15pm, and the second flight begins boarding at 7:20pm. I think we have to go down a concourse at Minneapolis, so cross those fingers for us!!
Off to finish getting ready! See some of you very soon, and see the rest of you later. :D

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Killing time…

2009 September 1
by pdxby7
Well, I haven’t had much to blog about lately. It’s been the same day-to-day around here. Parker & Savannah crying, dishes to be washed, clothes to be folded. I guess I did start packing for Iowa yesterday. I wondered to Roxie & Ryan if 14 outfits was enough for Parker. It might seem overkill to some, but I swear. That boy will go through four outfits a day, easily. In fact, he spends most of his time at home only in a diaper and socks because, otherwise, the laundry pile multiplies fivefold!
I’m a bit nervous about leaving the house, cats, and Daisy for four days, but our neighbors said they would check in & feed the pets. They are such wonderful people!
The girls start school the morning after we get back. That’s going to make for one looooong day. 7 hours of travel from Osky to Portland, and then we have to meet my ex a ways up north to get the girls back that night. I don’t think we’ll be in bed until after midnight, at the earliest! But I cant wait.
And now back to my regularly scheduled programming… Parker is demanding some attention

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Just another day.

2009 August 27
by pdxby7
Well, today started off with a bang. I woke up to a gagging, coughing, sputtering baby boy, with milk coming through his nose. That’s awesome. If only the powers that be would see fit to allow milk to come out my nose! So anyway, I get that taken care of, get the kids & I ready, and it’s out the door to the pediatrician. Let me just say, I don’t necessarily like the doctor we chose, nor the office. Today, it took me almost 15 minutes to find a parking space. The place is RIDICULOUS! It is in the same vicinity as the hospital PLM was born at, and it is a complex of four buildings, each at least three stories. And all they house are medical offices. I never imagined that an acre of parking AND a parking garage would be at maximum capacity at 10:00am on a Wednesday morning! Sigh. I really want to change doctors. Really, really badly.
The appointment was fine. He is 15lbs, and nearly 25 inches. He had four or five vaccines (cant keep track of them, I think the CDC has kids getting, like, 32 before they are 4 now). He is a happy, fat, healthy baby boy. PLM is a bit behind with hitting his developmental milestones, but he was born 7 weeks early, so I will cut him some slack. He smiles and he is starting to roll. Good enough for me!
My parents & grandma came from Warsh-ing-ton today. Popped over to Lloyd Center for a bit. What an odd mall. Medical offices, stores, an ice skating rink. Totally random, and totally Portland. We like to keep things weird here. After that we headed downtown on MAX. It was such a beautiful day, we had to walk around Pioneer Square, gawk in shop windows, and catch up to the mounted police so the girls could see. Oh, and make an unexpected side trip to the downtown Rite-Aid for baby Motrin. Passerby were glaring at me as though I was purposefully making him scream like a cat in water. That cry. It’s hard to imagine, but at one point, his cry was so quiet you couldn’t be sure if that’s what it actually was! Ryan and I couldn’t tell his cry apart from others in the NICU sometimes, but there is no mistaking it now. His cry is loud, obnoxious, and terrible stressing. Ha.
Ok, I lost myself on another wild tangent. Back to the story. We walked around downtown for a bit, then caught the very crowded MAX back to our cars. It so happens that I get lost about 90% of the time I drive downtown. Today I was in the 10%, so yay me! :D Made it home without cursing, crying, or having to stop for directions so I’m considering it a rousing success.
Oh. And our place is clean. Laundry is folded, dishes washed, floors vacuumed. There isn’t much left to do before Iowa. Only 8 days to go! We cant wait! It is now almost 1:30am. Prolly time for this mama to head to dreamland. Night, all.

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Ten Days!

2009 August 24
by pdxby7
We have only ten days until we will be in Iowa! I’m starting to make a list of things we want/need to make sure we have with us. So far? About 20 outfits for that reflux-y boy we have. And the sling. MUST remember that! I can picture us, pacing up and down the aisle of the plane with Parker in his sling. It usually works instantly to calm him down, so I’m praying that it will work if he decides to wail like a banshee during the flight.
I wish we could bring his bumbo, play station seat, his bouncy chair, swing, and activity mat. He really does use all of those, every day. Parker tends to get bored and we shuffle him around from one activity to the next. Is it too soon to diagnose ADHD?

He loves his bouncy activity center!

He loves his bouncy activity center!

I think Rox is going to try & borrow a swing, which would be a life saver. Trust me. And I need to dig up a few of the 2,308 binkies we have in our house. The only explanation I can come up with is a severe case of The Borrowers living in our house. Soothies disappear left and right. There is probably a stockpile of them under the crib or in some dark corner of a closet.
Well thats about it lately. Oh wait! I made the BEST PURCHASE EVER at Goodwill this weekend. I mean, hands down, the coolest thing I’ve seen in 20 years. Are you ready??

Thats right, for $4 it was MINE!

Thats right, for $4 it was MINE!

And it includes the matching Thermos! Why, oh WHY did they stop making lunch boxes like this? What kid would want a soft lunch box instead of this?
One more pic for posterity’s sake..
If I EVER get married (ahem!!) this is the cake I’m set on. So pretty.
That’s all. Have a good Monday!

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Longest. Day. EVER.

2009 August 20
This has been the longest 24 hours of my life, aside from the times spent in labor. Heehee.
Ryan got home about 8:30 last night. We stayed up late to finish up some court paperwork for today. He went to bed about midnight, I didnt turn in until 2:00am. Well, we had to wake up around 4 to be out of here by 5:30. It takes 90 minutes to get to my mothers (she watched the kids) and another hour to get to the court house.
We then spent, oh, two hours listening to other family law matters. It is so sad to watch divorces be finalized. It’s so cold, so…. final. It made me wonder, if these people could have seen this coming, if they would have went through with the marriage to begin with? There were two couples being divorced after over 30 years of marriage each!
Well, I digress. So my hearing lasted approximately 15 minutes, and then we got to make the round trip home. We didnt walk in our door until nearly 4pm! Thank God Parker slept the whole way home. I think we are both past tired, more like delirious. You know, that stage where everything is surreal, as if you’re floating above your body? I’m there. I tell you what, I need WAY more than two hours to function. The only thing that kept me awake during court was the adrenaline that was turning my stomach in knots.
Well, more on court another time. I’m trying to not get my hopes up, nor count my chickens before the eggs hatch. (And secretly believing that, if I talk about it all, I’ll jinx any luck I have. Lol)
Off to dreamland I go.

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2009 August 19
by pdxby7
I have a custody review hearing for Alyssa first thing in the morning… All the prayers, positive thoughts, and karma you could send our way would be greatly appreciated. More on the situation later, just thought I’d take a quick break. :)

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What a day! Oy vey.

2009 August 18
Today started off innocently enough… Of course, the evenings are the worst around here. Mornings aren’t so bad. The kids are in a relatively good mood. Everyone is focused on breakfast or the tv or a DS. The afternoons are a bit harrowing. That’s usually when we run errands. Today’s errands included an impromptu tour of the elementary school that Emily will be attending, and grocery shopping. (Side note: Have you ever taken five kids grocery shopping without another adult? Not for the faint of heart.) The trip to the school went pretty well. Savannah didn’t have a meltdown, Parker was content in the Native Sling. (Love that thing!)
Then we get to Albertson’s. First off, I had two carts. One for kids, one for food. Second, I had a two year old. Use your imagination. Olivia was pushing cart #2, thinking I didnt notice the way she kept swerving the cart toward her sister. Emily was meandering the way she typically does: like a drunken sailor. Savannah managed to snag a bottle of bubbles off of a shelf. When I took them, she shrieked at the top of her lungs for five minutes straight. And of course, we have Parker the Puker. ‘Nuf said. I managed to get the groceries we came for, take away the deck of cards Savannah had grabbed somewhere, and get everyone back in the car. That’s the worst part, deciding who goes in the car first.
Anyway, we get home, get groceries put away, and I’m cooking dinner. I keep hearing thumps and bumps coming from the kids room but think nothing of it since I didn’t hear any crying or yelling. But wait, I type too soon. Sure enough, right as dinner is finishing, here comes a bloody mouthed toddler, screaming her head off. Now, I dont do well with blood OR loose teeth. It all goes back to Olivia whacking her face on a doorframe at the age of three, and putting her top front teeth completely through her top lip, followed by the same accomplishment with the bottom lip a year later! Sheesh! So typically when a kid comes at me with a wiggly tooth or a bloody lip, I send them Ryan’s way. Of course, he isn’t home today so I had to be a big girl & handle it myself.
Flash forward five minutes to me, SITTING on top of screaming bloody toddler, pinning her arms down and her head still with my legs, trying to figure out a)where the blood is coming from, b)if she has all her teeth, and more importantly, c)if we should be packing for the ER. Thank God it was only a fat bruised bleeding lip and her teeth are all accounted for.
Life is always crazy with five kids in the house. Sigh. Off to bed.

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A Morning in the Life of Parker Lee.

2009 August 18
by pdxby7
6:30: Wake up. Burp.
6:32: Puke on mommy, the bed, and my last clean pajamas.
6:36-6:45: Smile and coo at daddy, make faces at mommy.
6:46: Scream like a banshee until someone figures out that it’s
the BLUE binky I want, not the green one.
6:59: Puke.
7:04-7:31: Sleep in my bouncy.
7:33: Cry so mommy picks me up
7:35-9:01: Cuddle with mommy
9:02: Burp, then puke.
9:20: Smile when my sister walks by.
9:29: Puke.
9:40-9:43: Scream my head off while mommy gets ready to feed me.
10:00-10:39: Sleep in my swing.
10:42: Puke on the carpet.
11:00: Gag on icky tummy meds.
11:04-11:11: Stare at pictures on wall.
11:12: Cry. I dont know why.
11:17: Puke. Burp. Puke again.
11:20: Eat. Burp. Sleep.
11:23-12:00: Sleep in swing, waking up every 4 minutes to let mommy know I’m still here.
What a life!

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Today… Updates for my (non) audience.

2009 August 18
by pdxby7
So I know there isn’t a single soul following this yet, but there will be. I have faith. Thought I’d start posting anyhow so all you people will have something to catch up on!
Well, today is day #2 of Daddy being away for work. He will be back on Wednesday evening. We have discovered that Parker Lee misses his daddy. How, you ask? Because I put Ryan on speakerphone while PLM was crying, and he instantly stopped crying, and proceeded to look for Ryan. The absolute cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. :) Tomorrow we will be Skyping because Daddy misses his boy.
How lucky (and grateful) we are to be living in this age of technology. We can video chat, we can send pictures in a fraction of a second, and email, chat, and talk all we want. It’s hard to believe it was only a short time ago that it would take a month or more to receive a letter from back home. I’m thankful that we have the option to video chat now, considering Ryan travels for work and will be gone three of the next four weeks.
Somewhere in those four weeks, we are going to be in Iowa! Labor Day, and Oskaloosa to be exact. We can’t wait! Our only sadness is that PLM wont be meeting his uncle, aunt, and cousin this trip. It’ll be great to watch him meet his grandpa!
Well, back to my DVR’d show. It’s only taken me nearly 3 hours to watch this hour long episode, thanks to a certain two year old, a cat, Ryan, and Parker.
G’night, all.

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First post….

2009 August 17
by pdxby7
Well, not a whole lot to say right now. I’m trying to figure out how this whole blog thing works.
Yeah, wish me luck.
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