Confused? Why, yes- I am.

I’ve pulled some pretty harebrained moves lately. You think your mistakes are bad? Here’s one for you. Parker & I were at the Goodwill today, browsing through bargains galore. Of course, he decided he was hungry about 15 minutes in. I moseyed on to the back of the store to the bathrooms. Grabbed the diaper bag, grabbed PLM in his thirty pound seat. We went in to the bathroom, filled his bottle, and came right back out. No big deal, right?

Wait, it gets better.

A male employee was walking by as I came out, and looked at me sort of strange. Thought to myself, hey, most of the Goodwill employees are strange. Whatever. So, as I was snapping his seat back into the cart, I see another woman start going into the other bathroom. I started to call out, wait, that’s the men’s room, and then I saw the sign on the door SHE was going in said “WOMEN”.


Oh, yeah. I totally went into the wrong bathroom. The one clearly marked MEN.

At least now I know why the employee looked at me oddly. I only hope I didn’t unwittingly surprise some poor soul. Guess I’ll never know– I never even looked up when I was in there.

(Blushing from sheer mortification!)

And , just to reiterate, here is harebrained move #2:

I find myself obsessed with the free ads on Craigslist as I continue to reorganize our house to make it livable. Imagine my delight when I stumbled across the one for a free futon (no stains, rips, breaks, etc!) and a shelf. I have wanted a futon to put in the kids room for ages. I email, they email back, I get directions, and I head out.

Lemme just say, I have moved massive things with that wagon. We strapped down the worlds largest storage tote full of stuff for Independence Day and hauled it over the Coast Range to Seaside and Tillamook. I moved our dining room set– HEAVY table, three benches. Heck, I’ve moved a good size love seat in the back of a Ford Explorer. Figured strapping a futon to the roof rack wouldn’t be any big deal.

So I get there, have to park semi-illegally, and get out to meet the guy. He just gives me a once over, and turned to go inside.  So I take Parker up two flights of stairs to go look at this thing.  There was NO WAY it was going to fit in any life on that car. I swear, it was the biggest futon- ever. The guy didn’t want to help me bring it down (which was a fine anyway because I realized at THAT moment, I didn’t know what to do with PLM while we were going to move the thing anyway) to see if I could get it to work. He sat there, smirking at the dumb girl while I hurriedly put the shelf in the car.

Then I find this on Craig’s List:

“Posting for a friend. Leather recliner. Pretty well worn, but SUPER comfy. Sorry – no pics, but I believe it’s navy; maybe black.

Metal-framed futon with khaki cover. Mattress still has good padding and no stains. I posted the other night, but the person that wanted it came to pick it up with a station wagon… ??? Anyways, this stuff needs to go by Thursday afternoon. If you can make it to northwest Portland by 1:30-2:00ish, it’s yours. Leave a phone number in your reply and I’ll get back to you around 1:00. Thanks!”

Wow, that’s embarrassing !I’m sure Ryan will be eternally grateful that I couldn’t bring it home anyway. 🙂

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