His first acute illness..

It’s a milestone, albeit one I didn’t think we would reach so early. Parker has amazed me the past few days with his vomiting capacity. In fact, more is coming back up than is even going down. Anyway. I brought him to the pediatrician today, convinced that he has the H1N1 virus. I mean, under no circumstance should a baby be this cranky, unsettled, and leaky. Whatever “it” was, it had to be major.

Ah, no. Just a simple, everyday, run of the mill ear infection. He is on amoxicillian, which he prefers the taste of 10 to 1 over Tylenol. (Well, Walmart brand Tylenol. The real stuff is all recalled at the moment…) It’s funny. He makes kissy-lips when I give it to him. The doc seems to think that, when the mucous from the ear infection clears, it will stop triggering his gag reflex.

Let’s pray it does… that 17 lb human had dirtied 4 outfits, 5 blankets, and my sheets in two days!!

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