Sewing? Me?!

So I inherited my grandma’s sewing machine today. It’s been at my moms for a decade or two now, collecting dust, waiting for me to come & bring it back to life! It looks like this (well, not exactly. That’s a googled pic, not mine):

Singer Touch & Sew, 626

Singer Touch & Sew, 626

It also comes with its state of the art (well, at some point) sewing cabinet. I was fascinated with the push button on the door as a kid. You pop the top off of it, and a section lifts up. You pull the machine up, and it rests on top of the table. Genius! It also has two drawers for me to cram some crafty things into. 🙂
(Sorry if you read what’s next, mom!) I went through and giggled with the girls over the sewing books and macrame magazine that were left in the drawers. The girls tried to convince me to save the white cotton fabric with faux paint splashes all over it, but alas. I have no use for it.

Maybe someone more skilled in the sewing machine department could hep me figure out how to use it. I remember the basics from when my mom & grandma made my sister & I matching dresses way back in middle school. Things like, string goes somewhere. Then you do something else, and push a foot pedal. And, Voila! You have a dress. Or something like that.

Roxie? Anyone??

See, my great idea is to start out making some easy little purses, out of some of the kids old clothes. Cute fabric, but not wearable anymore. Maybe eventually I’ll work my way up to a shirt or needle point pillow. You know, something useful. I’d attempt a quilt, but our condo is bustin’ at the seams with blankets knitted by my grandma. I’m afraid adding a quilt to the bunch may throw off our blanket karma & cause our closet doors to run for the hills.

The best part (besides being the new owner of a fabulous retro sewing machine) is having a table top surface that I can scrapbook and make cards at. Woohoo! I don’t do nearly enough scrapbooking. Digital cameras & photos make it too hard.

Besides, Ryan would maim me if I glued glitter to the iMac.

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3 Responses to Sewing? Me?!

  1. Mada says:

    Have you searched online for a manual? I did that for my machine and found one!

    As for the scrapbooking, have you thought about digital? MUCH easier with kids, I don’t destroy pics or waste materials when I don’t like something!

  2. Gaamma Roxie says:

    It’s BEAUTIFUL!! I’ll be out this weekend for your first sewing lesson!! (I wish!) Can you find a fabric store in the area that offers lessons? Usually they’re not that expensive. Or maybe we could start a new business “Sewing on Skype”??? Gee I really wish you were closer.

  3. pdxby7 says:

    I love the Sewing on Skype plan! That would require a lot of moving furniture & computers around, though. I doubt Don or Ryan would approve. Ha.

    I seriously don’t even know how to turn it on. Lol. The instruction manual is still with it, so I think I’ll start there. Wish we were closer, too. 😦

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