Our Trip!

We had such a great trip, airport details aside. 🙂

Parker was an angel, and slept from Portland to Minneapolis, and then from Minneapolis to Des Moines. A long day with a baby, but he was a champ! I was a little disappointed that it was dark by the time we were over Iowa. I really wanted to see the quilted landscape of the Midwest from the air. The flight from Minneapolis to Des Moines was the only time either one of us had a window seat too. Of course, we left the gate to find Don & Roxie waiting for us! After schlepping around that 15 lb sack of flour all day, we were to worn out to remember to grab the camera for Grandpa Don’s first look at Parker. (We are lame parents!)

We spent the weekend with “the grandparents” (a fond nickname for the four-some), Grampa Don and Gamma Roxie, Ryan’s brothers, sisters-in-law (sister-in-laws?), and nephews. Had a nice family dinner on Friday night, just to overwhelm the newcomer (ahem, that would be me!) Mama loves Parker! We went to church Sunday morning, which was great. Thanks to Parker’s volatile little tummy, I caught three songs and the closing prayer! We went to Smokey Row Coffee, a couple other downtown shops, and all around town. We also went to Wal-Mart three separate times. Whats up with that?! I was on a mission to find the girls gifts. But these couldn’t be just any gifts, they had to be “something special that they would treasure forever and I didnt want them to be the same  and blahblahblah”. Sheesh. It was hard to find those! Finally settled on a pretty bookmark made from leather, beads, and rocks for Olivia, matching mother/daughter bracelets for Emily, a puzzle for Alyssa, and a LarryBoy mug for Savannah. Not exactly Iowa related, but hey. They loved them. Oh! And the cheesy local postcards.

One thing about Iowa, if you’ve never had the pleasure of going there: Locusts are loud at the end of summer.

I’m off to bed now, maybe more tomorrow after it all comes back to mind.


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2 Responses to Our Trip!

  1. Gaamma Roxie says:

    We miss you!!!

  2. pdxby7 says:

    We miss YOU!

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