I think I should have been raised in Iowa.

I mean, really. There is definitely something to be said for living in a city, or at least near a big city. There is always something going on, somewhere to go, someone to see. But maybe that’s really the problem. There isn’t any down time here. It’s gogogogogo from sun up to sun down. There has yet to be a single car ride I have taken in the Portland area that didnt involve traffic! It can really get old. That’s why it was so awesome to be in Oskaloosa. Ryan & I drove out to his brother & sister in laws house one night, and when we went over the highway, there wasn’t a single car on it. Getting out of the city for a few days was just what Ryan & I needed. We are both tired of the light pollution, the noise pollution. The cranky, self-centered people. The price of EVERYTHING. Houses are ridiculous here. Just read this article.

Sigh. I didn’t want to leave, and I know Ryan sure didn’t. It was a great trip. Well, once we got there. There was some botch up from Delta/NW/Expedia that almost had us not going. The flight was changed when Delta and NW merged, and our route & flight changed. Roxie spent a good chunk of time on the phone (on hold) before the mess was finally worked out. But wait, there’s more! When we tried to print the boarding passes to come home, we couldn’t check in online for some reason. Ryan called customer service and they told him to just check in at the ticket counter. We get to Des Moines, and the guy at the counter informs us that our return tickets have been exchanged, but they don’t know for what. ???!!! Uh, what? So poor Roxie, once again, gets to sit on hold and try to figure out what’s going on. Turns out that, when Delta/NW changed our flight out, for some reason our return flights weren’t attached with that. So when we didn’t board the original flight, it canceled our return tickets! (Or something like that, as far as I understand.) Argh! So while Roxie was trying to figure that out, Don rescued us, purchased the last two seats on the plane, and off we were with 3 minutes to get there! Oy vey. Thank God that the Des Moines isn’t a huge terminal, or we wouldn’t have made it. The worst part of all of it was not even being able to say goodbye to Don & Roxie. It was a blur. 😦

I’ll post more details of the trip later today… Ryan just took off for work, the girls are at school, and it’s time for mama to get some grocery shopping & cleaning done!


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One Response to I think I should have been raised in Iowa.

  1. Mada says:

    I live 25 miles outside of “the city” and couldn’t be happier. Okay, I could be if I didn’t have to eventually deal with traffic, but there’s something to be said for having the first 20 minutes of my drive be through the country, viewing nature. Every year, I’m amazed when I realize that it’s spring. I’m not sure I’d feel that way if I didn’t get to see the fields being planted, the trees blooming, animals moving, etc.

    On the other hand, I could never live in the middle of nowhere. I spent 3 years living 100 miles from a big city and almost went nuts. I think we have a happy medium where we’re at!

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