Just another day.

Well, today started off with a bang. I woke up to a gagging, coughing, sputtering baby boy, with milk coming through his nose. That’s awesome. If only the powers that be would see fit to allow milk to come out my nose! So anyway, I get that taken care of, get the kids & I ready, and it’s out the door to the pediatrician. Let me just say, I don’t necessarily like the doctor we chose, nor the office. Today, it took me almost 15 minutes to find a parking space. The place is RIDICULOUS! It is in the same vicinity as the hospital PLM was born at, and it is a complex of four buildings, each at least three stories. And all they house are medical offices. I never imagined that an acre of parking AND a parking garage would be at maximum capacity at 10:00am on a Wednesday morning! Sigh. I really want to change doctors. Really, really badly.

The appointment was fine. He is 15lbs, and nearly 25 inches. He had four or five vaccines (cant keep track of them, I think the CDC has kids getting, like, 32 before they are 4 now). He is a happy, fat, healthy baby boy. PLM is a bit behind with hitting his developmental milestones, but he was born 7 weeks early, so I will cut him some slack. He smiles and he is starting to roll. Good enough for me!

My parents & grandma came from Warsh-ing-ton today. Popped over to Lloyd Center for a bit. What an odd mall. Medical offices, stores, an ice skating rink. Totally random, and totally Portland. We like to keep things weird here. After that we headed downtown on MAX. It was such a beautiful day, we had to walk around Pioneer Square, gawk in shop windows, and catch up to the mounted police so the girls could see. Oh, and make an unexpected side trip to the downtown Rite-Aid for baby Motrin. Passerby were glaring at me as though I was purposefully making him scream like a cat in water. That cry. It’s hard to imagine, but at one point, his cry was so quiet you couldn’t be sure if that’s what it actually was! Ryan and I couldn’t tell his cry apart from others in the NICU sometimes, but there is no mistaking it now. His cry is loud, obnoxious, and terrible stressing. Ha.

Ok, I lost myself on another wild tangent. Back to the story. We walked around downtown for a bit, then caught the very crowded MAX back to our cars. It so happens that I get lost about 90% of the time I drive downtown. Today I was in the 10%, so yay me! ๐Ÿ˜€ Made it home without cursing, crying, or having to stop for directions so I’m considering it a rousing success.

Oh. And our place is clean. Laundry is folded, dishes washed, floors vacuumed. There isn’t much left to do before Iowa. Only 8 days to go! We cant wait! It is now almost 1:30am. Prolly time for this mama to head to dreamland. Night, all.


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2 Responses to Just another day.

  1. Taamma Roxie says:

    How great that your parents and grandma came down for the day! Those days out are SO much easier when you have plenty of adults to corral the kiddos!!

    Still hard to believe that Parker is doing so well. You’re blessed!!

    See in you a week!!

    Taamma Roxie
    (recently changed from Hamma Roxie per Linus!)

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