Ten Days!

We have only ten days until we will be in Iowa! I’m starting to make a list of things we want/need to make sure we have with us. So far? About 20 outfits for that reflux-y boy we have. And the sling. MUST remember that! I can picture us, pacing up and down the aisle of the plane with Parker in his sling. It usually works instantly to calm him down, so I’m praying that it will work if he decides to wail like a banshee during the flight.

I wish we could bring his bumbo, play station seat, his bouncy chair, swing, and activity mat. He really does use all of those, every day. Parker tends to get bored and we shuffle him around from one activity to the next. Is it too soon to diagnose ADHD?

He loves his bouncy activity center!

He loves his bouncy activity center!

I think Rox is going to try & borrow a swing, which would be a life saver. Trust me. And I need to dig up a few of the 2,308 binkies we have in our house. The only explanation I can come up with is a severe case of The Borrowers living in our house. Soothies disappear left and right. There is probably a stockpile of them under the crib or in some dark corner of a closet.

Well thats about it lately. Oh wait! I made the BEST PURCHASE EVER at Goodwill this weekend. I mean, hands down, the coolest thing I’ve seen in 20 years. Are you ready??

Thats right, for $4 it was MINE!

Thats right, for $4 it was MINE!

And it includes the matching Thermos! Why, oh WHY did they stop making lunch boxes like this? What kid would want a soft lunch box instead of this?

One more pic for posterity’s sake..


If I EVER get married (ahem!!) this is the cake I’m set on. So pretty.

That’s all. Have a good Monday!


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3 Responses to Ten Days!

  1. bejes says:

    I got a swing, bouncy seat, and jumper thingy that we can get out. I borrowed a bumbo so can’t help you out there. Let me know.

  2. pdxby7 says:

    Well he doesn’t like his bumbo THAT much. But rock on! He will be a much happier baby! Thank you!

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