Longest. Day. EVER.

This has been the longest 24 hours of my life, aside from the times spent in labor. Heehee.

Ryan got home about 8:30 last night. We stayed up late to finish up some court paperwork for today. He went to bed about midnight, I didnt turn in until 2:00am. Well, we had to wake up around 4 to be out of here by 5:30. It takes 90 minutes to get to my mothers (she watched the kids) and another hour to get to the court house.

We then spent, oh, two hours listening to other family law matters. It is so sad to watch divorces be finalized. It’s so cold, so…. final. It made me wonder, if these people could have seen this coming, if they would have went through with the marriage to begin with? There were two couples being divorced after over 30 years of marriage each!

Well, I digress. So my hearing lasted approximately 15 minutes, and then we got to make the round trip home. We didnt walk in our door until nearly 4pm! Thank God Parker slept the whole way home. I think we are both past tired, more like delirious. You know, that stage where everything is surreal, as if you’re floating above your body? I’m there. I tell you what, I need WAY more than two hours to function. The only thing that kept me awake during court was the adrenaline that was turning my stomach in knots.

Well, more on court another time. I’m trying to not get my hopes up, nor count my chickens before the eggs hatch. (And secretly believing that, if I talk about it all, I’ll jinx any luck I have. Lol)

Off to dreamland I go.


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