What a day! Oy vey.

Today started off innocently enough… Of course, the evenings are the worst around here. Mornings aren’t so bad. The kids are in a relatively good mood. Everyone is focused on breakfast or the tv or a DS. The afternoons are a bit harrowing. That’s usually when we run errands.  Today’s errands included an impromptu tour of the elementary school that Emily will be attending, and grocery shopping. (Side note: Have you ever taken five kids grocery shopping without another adult? Not for the faint of heart.) The trip to the school went pretty well. Savannah didn’t have a meltdown, Parker was content in the Native Sling. (Love that thing!)

Then we get to Albertson’s. First off, I had two carts. One for kids, one for food. Second, I had a two year old. Use your imagination. Olivia was pushing cart #2, thinking I didnt notice the way she kept swerving the cart toward her sister. Emily was meandering the way she typically does: like a drunken sailor. Savannah managed to snag a bottle of bubbles off of a shelf. When I took them, she shrieked at the top of her lungs for five minutes straight. And of course, we have Parker the Puker. ‘Nuf said.  I managed to get the groceries we came for, take away the deck of cards Savannah had grabbed somewhere, and get everyone back in the car. That’s the worst part, deciding who goes in the car first.

Anyway, we get home, get groceries put away, and I’m cooking dinner. I keep hearing thumps and bumps coming from the kids room but think nothing of it since I didn’t hear any crying or yelling. But wait, I type too soon. Sure enough, right as dinner is finishing, here comes a bloody mouthed toddler, screaming her head off. Now, I dont do well with blood OR loose teeth. It all goes back to Olivia whacking her face on a doorframe at the age of three, and putting her top front teeth completely through her top lip, followed by the same accomplishment with the bottom lip a year later! Sheesh! So typically when a kid comes at me with a wiggly tooth or a bloody lip, I send them Ryan’s way. Of course, he isn’t home today so I had to be a big girl & handle it myself.

Flash forward five minutes to me, SITTING on top of screaming bloody toddler, pinning her arms down and her head still with my legs,  trying to figure out a)where the blood is coming from, b)if she has all her teeth, and more importantly, c)if we should be packing for the ER. Thank God it was only a fat bruised bleeding lip and her teeth are all accounted for.

Life is always crazy with five kids in the house. Sigh. Off to bed.


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