Today… Updates for my (non) audience.

So I know there isn’t a single soul following this yet, but there will be. I have faith. Thought I’d start posting anyhow so all you people will have something to catch up on!

Well, today is day #2 of Daddy being away for work. He will be back on Wednesday evening. We have discovered that Parker Lee misses his daddy. How, you ask? Because I put Ryan on speakerphone while PLM was crying, and he instantly stopped crying, and proceeded to look for Ryan. The absolute cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. 🙂 Tomorrow we will be Skyping because Daddy misses his boy.

How lucky (and grateful) we are to be living in this age of technology. We can video chat, we can send pictures in a fraction of a second, and email, chat, and talk all we want. It’s hard to believe it was only a short time ago that it would take a month or more to receive a letter from back home. I’m thankful that we have the option to video chat now, considering Ryan travels for work and will be gone three of the next four weeks.

Somewhere in those four weeks, we are going to be in Iowa! Labor Day, and Oskaloosa to be exact. We can’t wait! Our only sadness is that PLM wont be meeting his uncle, aunt, and cousin this trip. It’ll be great to watch him meet his grandpa!

Well, back to my DVR’d show. It’s only taken me nearly 3 hours to watch this hour long episode, thanks to a certain two year old, a cat, Ryan, and Parker.

G’night, all.


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