A Morning in the Life of Parker Lee.

6:30: Wake up. Burp.

6:32: Puke on mommy, the bed, and my last clean pajamas.

6:36-6:45: Smile and coo at daddy, make faces at mommy.

6:46: Scream like a banshee until someone figures out that it’s
the BLUE binky I want, not the green one.

6:59: Puke.

7:04-7:31: Sleep in my bouncy.

7:33: Cry so mommy picks me up

7:35-9:01: Cuddle with mommy

9:02: Burp, then puke.

9:20: Smile when my sister walks by.

9:29: Puke.

9:40-9:43: Scream my head off while mommy gets ready to feed me.

10:00-10:39: Sleep in my swing.

10:42: Puke on the carpet.

11:00: Gag on icky tummy meds.

11:04-11:11: Stare at pictures on wall.

11:12: Cry. I dont know why.

11:17: Puke. Burp. Puke again.

11:20: Eat. Burp. Sleep.

11:23-12:00: Sleep in swing, waking up every 4 minutes to let mommy know I’m still here.

What a life!


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